Features of Push-Up Bra and Some Tips to Buy

Features of Push-Up Bra and Some Tips to Buy

A push-up bra aims to push the breasts upward, creating the illusion of a fuller, rounded and attractive clothing under the bust. The push-up effect is achieved by small pads that are located in different parts of the bra. These pads push up the bust and the center of the chest, creating the renowned push-up effect.

Besides finding them located in different parts of the bra, the pads may be made up of different materials such as foam, water or silicone, the latter two materials are used to give a more natural bust look under clothing. Some bras also have the option to remove the pads, placed in a hidden pocket in the cup.

The other major part of these bras support comes from the rings. The vast majority of the push up bra has metal or plastic rings incorporated into the glass, but you can find some models that base their support on a strong rubber band. The latter may be a bit harder to find.

Tips for Buying a Push-Up Bra

Before buying your push-up bra is advisable that you take into account some points mentioned below.


As with buying any type of support, when buying a push-up bra, you should ensure to know exact details of your waist. A bra with the wrong detail can lead to obtain the completely contrary effect to the expected result and end up being a headache. If you do not know your waistline, you have two options: the first option is to attend a lingerie house where an expert will quickly measure and the second option is to test yourself against yourself with the help of a tape measure.


In push-up bras, various styles exist. You can find push-up half cup of balconette style, to plunge style, etc. Find the different styles available considering the type of clothing you will wear on the bra. For example, nothing will serve a style plunge bra if you never wear plunging necklines.


There are different types of pads, from soft ready-made in foam and lined, the most common and easy to find, cotton to those ready-made gel, water or silicone and there are also some that can be inflated but they are a little more expensive and difficult to find but that will give you a much more natural look.


Once you have chosen the style, the type of pads and waist, ensure this is ideal for you. Everything is given for the convenience. It will not help a bra that makes your bust look spectacular if you are not comfortable in it. Go to the tester and try it early. It may seem a small waste of time, but it is an absolutely necessary point for the purchase to make it worthwhile.

Tips for Caring Your Push-Up Bra

To enjoy a push-up bra and its effects for a longer time, it is important to know how to care and here I present simple tips.

Wash It Carefully

Perhaps with a little more emphasis than in the case of other types, it is best to wash a push-up bra by hand. The reason is that the pads present in this type of bra can easily be deformed and damaged if they are placed in the drum of the washing machine. Use only warm water and a soft cloth to keep the color and materials in perfect condition.

Dry It Even More Carefully

If you think of placing it in the dryer, let me tell you this is a bad idea. To retain support for both color and appearance of it to keep the pads in immaculate condition, the best option is natural drying. First of all, be sure to drain pads placing the cups in your hands and press firmly until no more water falls and then place it on a flat surface away from direct sunlight.

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