Fighting Sleepiness during CDL Truck Driving Jobs

Fighting Sleepiness during CDL Truck Driving Jobs

Most accidents on roads are because of unsafe conditions of truck drivers. For people in CDL Truck Driving Jobs, worst cases are when they aren’t in right mental state, especially sleepiness. Worst types of accident happen whenever truck driver is completely out of control. With that huge truck they are handling, a little mistake can leads to major disaster.

Sleepiness is biggest reality for the truck drivers who are 24 hours operation. Most if not all CDL truck driving jobs by companies are of 24 hours operation because companies seeks more profit. Drivers are paired to support 24 hours driving to and from a destination to another. 2 different truck drivers are supposed to have shifting routines on such journeys. Even there are few conditions when driver in charge falls asleep and cause risks of potential road accidents. Here are few tips to manage your sleepiness.

It’s important to stay alert and awake during your truck driving journey. However this is one of the great challenges for many truck drivers and they try a lot to conquer this problem without using drugs. This is a great risk for serious accidents. It is seriously advised to stop, come out of truck and try to take a short walk, stretch your legs and have some fresh air. This will help you to be awake and concentrate. Believe it only take few minutes and would not affect your deadlines.

Your body has its own biological clock called circadian rhythm that identifies when to sleep and wake up and dictates when and how much our bodies needs to rest. However we can actually preprogrammed our bodies when it is about routines of sleep. Primarily it seems to be difficult but as soon as you get habitual to it, you can easily control it. For example if you are on night shift, try not to sleep the night before and have some sleep during day time.

When you are driving truck with a partner, it is easy to schedule your journey in a way that both of you can manage sleeping. It’s better to drive ahead of schedule to have enough time for breaks. Small naps are usually helpful to regain alertness and other strengths. Eat moderately, as eating lot can also make you sleepy.

These are just some of the tips that you need to fight sleepiness. All the small details when it comes to safety are important when it comes to truck driving jobs.


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