Find Out The Best Spots For Dining!

Find Out The Best Spots For Dining!

The Moon

This restaurant is closed from Wednesday to Saturday at 6:00 am. The owners of this restaurant know that many of their compatriots like to go on a binge, so they give the opportunity to them of having ‘breakfast’ and many others who walk around ‘starving’ after taking a few drinks.


This restaurant transports you to New York. It has chic style and the food is exceptional. The restaurant is run by Michelle Bernstein a well-known South Florida chef of Argentine-Hebrew origin. It is a bit difficult to find because from the street no one would say it is a restaurant of this category. The tables are well laid out, the waiters are friendly and the atmosphere is distinguished. Ask for what you order and you will like and if you want to ask for advice from the waiters, they do it with gladness, and will orient you not to the most expensive on the menu.

The River Seafood Oyster Bar

Located on a corner with large windows facing the street, the atmosphere is informal yet elegant. On the menu, there are many other options such as oyster, steaks, fish and even lamb.

At the entrance to the restaurant, you can decide whether to eat in the large bar or at the table. If you want a table and you have to wait, you can do it at the bar. The waiters are nice and give you conversation if you want it.

El Charrua

This restaurant is a great representative of the Uruguayan grill with the excellence of meats, where you can taste the unique fused flavors. The letter offers a variety of possibilities, among them the grill x4 includes a variety of meats and a bottle of wine. It presents diversity of the accompaniments and desserts. The place is unique, since it pays homage to an ethnic group of hunters called charrúas. It is also a welcoming place for family or business meetings.

Edo Sushi Bar

It offers a fresh menu with Peruvian and Japanese input. It shows fusion by means of technique, thereby, achieving exquisite Nikkei food. Among its most representative dishes are sweetened maki, edo salad, amaimo mirugai, yasaitame and others. The average cost per person is 80 soles.


It is a very pleasant French Bistro restaurant, being one of the best restaurants in Dubai, where you can taste the best food with, reasonably priced wines. At dinner, the customers opt for their much loved dishes with delicious beverages at their bar. The decor of this place is very warm resonating Paris of 1950s.


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