Find The History Of Bags

Find The History Of Bags

It seems that the first signs of the appearance of bags are traced in Egypt where hieroglyphics found showing male figures with a kind of small bag tied around the waist. In general, it is assumed that it was a convenient way to transport seeds on plantations, or in the case of hunters to carry their prey.

XIV Century

After many years, and in the fourteenth century, they became popular as few small bags of leather or gender closed by a cord, which then fitted on the waist. Men used to carry money, while women flaunted ornate and delicately embroidered bags. The amount of ornaments in the bag determined the social status who wore them.

XVI Century

The sixteenth century brought exaggerated fashion to bags, so the bags that were previously carried sighted at the waist, now were hidden behind in the folds and were taking the huge skirts. In fact, it could be the first appearance of the pocket, as these small bags were sewn to a belt between the folds of the skirt, which also gave a great idea of ​​privacy as to the belongings of the ladies were concerned. Men also hid them under the pants while the wealthy ones wore their pockets and travelers and villagers had their own bag. They used a large cloth bag, which hung diagonally across the chest.

XVIII Century

By the eighteenth century, the bags began to take a closer way than they have today. By reducing the amount of fabric in the locker room and adopting a simpler fashion silhouette, pockets and purses at the waist were no longer according to fashion. It was then that the crosshairs arose or essential because at that time the ladies could no longer overlook the comfort of carrying the most necessary items such as rouge, perfume bottles or fans. Crosshairs is characterized by its elaborate embroidery design, essential for women to be considered for marriage condition and it also represented the social status. The more elaborate the design meant the higher social position of women wearing it.

Today, it seems an unbelievable journey of bags as we can see a large number of brands regarding bags for every age groups, taste, and budget. I am sure you would like to find which bags are most suitable today which can offer comfort and style both together and I suggest you to go for Hermes Birkin bags.

Chanel 2.55

It owes its name to its creation date, February 55. Designed by Coco Chanel exclusive in quilted leather and chain strap. It was a revolution for its time because at that time there were only handbags.

Speedy, Louis Vuitton

‘All you need a woman to accompany her wherever you go’ is the motto of this bag designed by George Vuitton, inspired by a woman and her day. Currently, it is one of the bags that keeps reinventing tones and pictures for everyone.

Cabas, Celine

Made of leather, classic Cabas is the queen of the maxi bags par excellence. Its rectangular shape and large opening without closures makes it one of the most versatile and comfortable for the modern woman.

Knot, Bottega Veneta

It has 35 years of history. The Knot is the great companion of celebrities on the red carpet. It reached its greatest popularity in 2001, when Tomas Maier took over as creative director. Substituting crystal brooch for a metal closure, Knot shaped what gives meaning to the name of this bag.

Bamboo, Gucci

It was first created in 1947, a small wallet made of leather with an attractive bamboo handle, loved by celebrities of 50s. Currently, you can find new varieties with different shapes and sizes, but the original remains the most beloved and most successful creations.

The Fendi Baguette

‘It’s not a bag, it’s a baguette!’ shouts Carrie in an episode of Sex and the City. This bag, only 15 years old, is designed to be tucked under arm, pretending to be a baguette, hence, its name comes.

Lady Dior, Dior

In 1995, the French first lady gave to Lady Di’s latest creation from the house of Dior. The princess fell in love so much and bought the bag in all colors and used in most of her public events. In her memory, it was renamed as Lady Dior.

Alexa, Mulberry

It is one of the most desired by women, and all thanks to Alexa Chung, one of Britain’s most stylish celebrities. While the most requested color is camel, you can also see it in black, yellow and animal print among others.

Birkin, Hermes

It was designed by the singer and actress Franco-British, Jane Birkin, along with the president and artistic director of Hermès, Jean-Louis Dumas. The story goes that they agreed on a plane to Paris and he was surprised that she always used a straw basket. She explained that it was the only bag in which you could enter everything needed and it was comfortable to use. From there, they got together and created the Hermès Birkin bags we all know today.


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