Find the Unique Ashtrays for Everyday Use

Find the Unique Ashtrays for Everyday Use

Typically, the ashtrays come in a cylindrical shape. They are flat and made to rest on top of a table. The ashtrays that are used in public, on the other hand, are much larger and are often mounted because of the huge number of people that use them. A normal ashtray would have slight depressions on its rims and this is meant for the cigarette or cigar. There are also uniquely designed ashtrays like one that is made up of two parts. The lower part of it is designed to hold in water. This type is one of the most popular kinds you will find around. Because of their wide use, the ashtrays can be found almost anywhere, from toilets and public places, dustbins, and even inside the motor vehicles.

For a long time, the ashtrays have become a prized collection for some people. These collectors usually aim in securing ashtrays that have a unique design, color, shape and size. Most of these collectors aim to get the unique and sometimes rare Googie styled ashtrays, which were popular during the 1940s to 1970s. By the time the 50s and 60s came, the ashtrays became interlocked with small table settings and could usually be found specifically at the top right hand side beyond the wine glass.

However, nowadays, it is very hard to find the public ashtrays because of the increasing smoking ban in many states. As for the custom ashtrays in vehicles, they are no longer treated as a necessary item. Instead, lighter plugs as well as the ashtrays are offered as an add-on. Since this market has left plenty of the room, there are a lot of ashtrays for sale in the market that are specifically designed to fit into a vehicle’s cup holder. Nowadays we also find smokeless ashtrays which have gained popularity in the market. Here we will see a few good smokeless ashtrays available for sale.

Holmes Smoke Grabber HAP75-UC Smokeless Ashtray 

There are so many good things about this one, from the hinged pop-up cover to the absorbent charcoal filter and specialized carbon filter that absorbs the smoke; it is difficult to decide not to get this one. You also have the option to use its AC plug as opposed to batteries. Even though it might be a little noisy, it does a terrific job of sucking up all the extra smoke from your cigarette. Most of the time, people can’t even tell that you were smoking.

Ionic Smokeless Ashtray 

Using the unique and original ionic smokeless ashtray will certainly be a hit among your smoker and nonsmoker friends. If you have friends that get bothered with the lingering smell of cigarettes, then this will help you get rid of the odor that comes from it. What it does is take the smoke and break it down to smaller negatively charged particles. These same components are attracted by the positive charge on the stainless steel. What’s great is that it also includes a night light.

CEO Smokeless Ashtray Package with Extra Filters 

This ashtray has two absorbent carbon filters that help to suck in the smoke. It runs quietly and powerfully, drawing in smoke from the room. If you are a heavy smoker or you have a venue where plenty of people smoke, this will work great by holding a number of cigarettes at one time. It is heat resistant and you can even pop it inside the dishwasher to clean it. This is a simple plug-in or battery-operated ashtray.


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