Flooring – A Major Home Improvement Project

Flooring – A Major Home Improvement Project

Flooring is one of the simplest ways to make a dramatic difference to your home, but it’s not always simple! In these articles we look at how to choose the best type of flooring, and how to correctly budget for flooring. Explore our additional resources below.

One of the most popular home improvement activities carried out by DIYers and contractors alike is the replacement of flooring. Flooring trends change dramatically over time, just like any other fixtures or decoration in a home, as styles change so too do the aspirations of home owners and buyers. Flooring represents a relatively simple way to make an ageing home feel fresh and trendy once more.

Flooring also suffers from wear and tear over time, perhaps more than any other part of the home. Many flooring upgrades are simply a matter of necessity as old flooring becomes worn and stained. There are a few key points to keep in mind when undertaking a flooring improvement.

  • Consider the uses of the room. The use of a room fundamentally affects the kind of flooring you should use. For example, a kitchen should use flooring which can be easily cleaned but is also non-slip. A hallway would benefit from carpets, but not as dense fiber as is typical in a bed room or living room.
  • Consider the cost. Flooring varies dramatically in price. Laminate is usually the cheapest option, with high quality, large print carpets or even paving being the most expensive. Still, costs of each flooring method vary greatly.
  • Consider the space you are flooring. Unless you are re-decorating the entire space, you will need to select flooring which fits alongside your wallpaper, paint, architraves, skirting, and so on.

Once you have selected the right flooring to fulfil these conditions, you’ll have to consider how best to fit it and account for any other costs you might incur. You may also select a home improvement contractor to undertake this, in either case you should check the following aspects of any quote to ensure you taken into account all possible expenses:

  • Are any sub-flooring preparations required? If so, are they included in your quote / expenses?
  • Is the removal of current flooring taken into account? Carpeting, paving and woodwork can be expensive to transport and dispose of.
  • Will you need to re-fit any appliances after installation? You should include any expert labor required in your costs.
  • Are all the necessary materials included? For example: carpeting may require additional purchase of edge grips to hold it in place.

Flooring is typically a simple but potentially costly way to improve your home environment. There are hidden costs which you should be careful to budget for and, if your flooring is being installed by a third party, make sure their quote is fully inclusive of all possible costs. Please, visit Omni Home Ideas’s Pinterest account for captivating home improvement tips and visuals.


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