Frequently Asked Question about Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Frequently Asked Question about Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

What material are memory foam mattress toppers made of?

They are made of a viscoelastic, thermo sensitive polyurethane foam with an average density of 80 kg/m3.

How does the material of memory foam mattress toppers work?

The material consists of billions of open spherical cells which respond to the temperature and weight of your body and reorganizes your position to mold to the exact contours. It becomes softer in warmer areas where there is more contact between your body and memory foam mattress toppers and it remains firm in the cooler areas where there is less contact, resulting in exceptional comfort and excellent support. Due to the dissipation of the pressure, the blood flows freely all night causing less turns, that is, you rest better.

What does make memory foam mattress toppers so good?

What it does is to dissipate the neck, head and body pressure evenly across the surface of the topper for the reason that it molds perfectly to its shape, and in that way, you do not get tired when you sleep on it the whole night. The unconscious reflex to mitigate that fatigue is to change position. When you do not get tired, your body will not be forced to spin while you sleep and you will have a night of uninterrupted sleep.

My memory foam mattress toppers feels different when it’s cold and hot, does that affect its performance?

The material with which memory foam mattress toppers are made is thermo sensitive, which means that it reacts to temperature, so when it is hot, it feels softer and vice versa. However, your body is always at the same temperature, so the support and comfort will always be the same. Even if you feel harder or softer, within a few minutes of getting in touch with your skin, you will feel the comfort.

I have seen in many places that this material is associated with something from NASA, is it true

Yes, it is true. This material was developed by NASA scientists to help the astronauts withstand the enormous forces they undergo when they take off and land. After many studies, they realized that these benefits could be harnessed in the civilian applications as well. The manufacturing process was optimized for several decades for industries such as medical and aeronautics, until it reached the general public.

If you don’t want to spend a couple thousand dollars, or more, for a complete memory foam mattress set, you can always go for second best, the memory foam mattress topper. Memory foam mattress toppers have all the luxury and foamy goodness of a regular memory foam mattress, just with a smaller price tag. These memory foam mattress toppers are ideal for making a too-firm bed more comfortable and more supportive. However, if you already have a bed that you consider to be too soft, a memory foam mattress topper will not ameliorate that situation, only exacerbate it.

As with memory foam mattresses, there is a huge variety of mattress toppers currently on the market. The memory foam rule stands: try it before you buy it. But this article will provide a little information as to what to expect and what’s currently on the market.

Nature’s Sleep Cool IQ has perhaps one of the best reputations as a memory foam maker understandably and their prices are competitive and they are consistently manufacture high quality products. Their mattress toppers consists of 2- or 3-inch thick, 4-pound density foam that spans the entire length and width of the bed, while most other memory foam mattress toppers fall short by a couple of inches on each side. You can also have optional waterproof, allergy-free cover with their memory foam mattress topper.

Luxurest is another manufacturer that has received good reviews for its quality of products. They, too, offer both covered and non-covered memory foam mattress toppers, though their covers are not waterproof. Luxurest’s mattress toppers range from 2- to 4-inches thick and have 5-pound density foam.

Sleep Innovations’ memory foam mattress topper up are offered with high density foam in a range of 2- to 4-inch thickness. They offer three models as the traditional model ranges for a queen-sized, the ventilated model, which boasts a superior air flow system and comes and the quilted model, which consists of a quilted and covered mattress topper. Finally, on the very upper end of memory foam mattress pads, is Tempur-Pedic. Their mattress pads are also 5.3-pound density, but they only come in a 3-inch thickness.


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