Get Free Premium Accounts to Watch Movies Online

Get Free Premium Accounts to Watch Movies Online

To search on the Internet with terms like ‘free movies’ or ‘free games’ is, today, synonymous to find a great list of results that refer directly to piracy, a practice which as we know is not legal. However, you should know that there is space for legal alternatives as it can ensure yours and your computer’s safety, besides allowing you to enjoy movies and games on your computer without having to go through many links and spam campaigns.

There are websites where you can access a large library of movies of all time, from the oldest to the recent ones being the fans of this art. Some of them are follows;

The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive offers a great selection, not only of film and video in general but also other audiovisual content such as music.

Uncle Earl’s Classic TV Channel

It is very similar to the previous one with a variety of old movies in the public domain.

DNA Stream

It offers a wide selection of free movies, also with a large catalog of old films.

It is a premium platform, but it offers a free weekly film to each of the registered users.

I also suggest you to visit Premify to access premium accounts of numerous websites to watch movies and play games.

In addition to the purely free, there are other alternatives that also offer movies at no cost but in exchange for a sponsorship, supporting this possibility to enjoy audiovisual content for which that the user are having to make any payments. In this case, the alternatives that we have are as follows;


It is the Sony site where movies of all time are available for free, and you can also enjoy relatively recent movies.

Google Videos and YouTube

Google Videos performs a search containing both YouTube and other sites as the term made. The results of both the full movie and trailers.


It provides both movies and episodes of seasons for free and legal course. Thanks to the advertisers who have financed their business model and can acquire the rights of those schedules and make their service profitable.

Wuaki TV

It offers free courtesy of the bank BBVA, an alternative for those who want to hire the premium service.

Premium Options to Watch Movies Online

If you are a big movie lover, you must value the opportunity to enjoy many movies as you want without restrictions and can access a much broader content.

There are basically two premium options as monthly fee for an unlimited amount of content or pay-per-view. In the first group, there are Amazon Prime, Xfinity, Netflix and Hulu Plus. Each offers its own features and some let you choose between different pricing plans depending on the particular tastes of each client.

In case of payment for pay-per-view, CinemaNow, only in the United States, along with Vudu internationally allow you to pay for what you see.


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