Gunvault MV500-STD Microvault Pistol Gun Safe Review

Gunvault MV500-STD Microvault Pistol Gun Safe Review

It is the best solution to meet the need for compact and portable gun safe. It has a state-of-the-art technology to assure users that they can securely store their handguns and other small weapons in a safe that is easy to use and operate. And although it’s easy to do so, it cannot be easily opened by children compared to other biometric safes which can be opened by tech savvy kids. It also features a protective interior and a highly durable and well-built exterior. Its light weight and size makes it an ideal safe for keeping pistols and other carry guns. Many gun safe reviews are raving about it now.

Gunvault MV500-STD Microvault Pistol Gun Safe features a biometric system that stores up to 12 million access codes. The system stores all access codes entered for future use. Its system is also self-learning. It can block repeated invalid attempts and unregistered access codes. Its interior and exterior are simply best. Inside, it is lined with foam to protect the weapons. Outside, the safe is made of durable steel.

It is perfect for keeping handguns and other small weapons safe and secure. It can be kept at home near the bed, inside a drawer, cabinet or closet. It can also be stored in a bag when traveling to avoid criminal prosecution and civil penalties. It is also perfect for storing weapons in the office or any work area. Its size makes it perfect to fit in any hidden space at work. It is also perfect for people who always get their keys lost. Because this safe relies on access codes, owners don’t have to keep their keys and fumble with it all the time. It is also perfect for storing in the car or truck.

The positive thing is that the users are very happy with it. Many of them have previously bought other products from Gunvault and they have purchased this one as an additional safe for small weapons. The 12 million access codes have proven to be worthy as well. With its numerous codes, it’ll be harder for it to be opened by non-owners or to be stolen. Its weight is also very ideal for traveling and storage. It can also store extra magazines.

A few users say that it is finicky, but once the user gets used to opening and using it, no more problems. They have just to be reminded that this safe was designed to keep the small guns from kids. You can further find gun safe reviews here to learn about more and even better products.

Moving up the ladder of the Gunvault family of firearms safes, the GV2000S Multi Vault Standard Gun Safe provides many of the same features as the other products from the Gunvault. It is easy to use, has large rubber buttons and allows for no look access into the gun safe, while providing maximum security features for safe and sound storage of the multiple firearms or other valuables.

One of the best things of the Gunvault GV2000S Multi Vault Standard Gun Safe is the option to have it operate in stealth mode. The very last thing a homeowner would want in an emergency where a weapon is needed is to let the home invader know their location by the beeping of a gun safe. This option allows for the silent access into the safe to secure one’s weapon.

Along with the stealth feature, a tamper-proof indicator records all the invalid attempts made by the users in order to gain access into the gun safe. After making the failed attempts several times to gain access into the gun safe, the built-in computer will lock down the safe which makes it impossible for anyone but the designated user to override the system and gain access to the safe.

Since the GV2000S is larger than the other Gunvault products, it also requires more power to operate and thisisi why it used the eight AA batteries. As with all gun safe models from Gunvault, the high strength locking mechanisms installed into each safe makes sure to prevent the burglars or intruders from being able to use the common hand tools to break into the safe. Without the combination, the safe is performing up to standard, which is keeping unwanted hands off of the firearms or other valuable items inside.

Regardless of your specific needs, having a safe is essential for responsible and safe gun ownership. You need to make sure that the safe you purchase provides you with the adequate safety from unauthorized entry and allows you access in a timely manner. Now rather than wading through the massive number of choices, you must determine your specific needs before you are in the market to shop for this necessary item. Not only will this expedite the process, but you will likely save a significant amount of money in the process as well. To make your buying experience much easier, I recommend you to visit Review Gurus.


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