Health And Fitness Tips For Hyderabadies

Health And Fitness Tips For Hyderabadies

Hello Hyderabad what is up? I guess in the lockdown period all the Hyderabadis have put on some much weight by eating biryani, Haleem, and all such famous Hyderabadi dishes. So here is some exercise for all the Hyderabadis out there so they can focus on fitness and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most importantly you can boost your immunity. And don’t forget to read the last Paragraph. We will be sharing a tip which you must know. 

So Let’s start with the healthy eating habits and exercises Hyderabadis can follow to maintain A good and healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Eating Habits

Never Skip Breakfast: Most of the hyderabadis have Dosa,Puri,idli all such foods in breakfast which are not at all healthy and consist so much of unhealthy fats. Your breakfast must be full of vitamins and rich proteins so for that you need to eat fruits, drink milk and add dry fruits to your diet.

Carry Healthy Snacks: You must carry healthy snacks with you. So whenever you feel hungry you don’t stop at any bakery and eat all such junk foods. If you carry snacks full of protein you can eat something nutritious and avoid having all junk foods. Carry snacks which are healthy and include it in your diet so you can boost your immunity and fight with COVID-19.

Drink Lots of water: The human body is made up of 60% water! Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will help you maintain your body’s fluid balance so that nutrients can be transported throughout your body. Which means you will be more quick to grab the benefits of the healthy foods you eat.


Push-Up: Push-ups are one of the most effective exercises and can be performed anywhere. push up will target your chest, triceps, and your anterior deltoid muscles (the front of your shoulders). It also works on your core. Plus, there’s something that while doing push-ups you just feels and see you improving after each set.

Walk when possible: This might sound like an easy task, but the truth is that most modern people don’t practice walking; they prefer cars, public transportation, elevators and other means instead of walking. Walking is one of the healthiest activities and this is certainly not something new for you. However, Did you know how much walking is enough? According to many experts walking around 10,000 steps or about 8 kilometres or 5 miles per day should be enough.

Do Bodyweight exercises: Bodyweight training is awesome for burning fat, Building strength and improving flexibility. You can do bodyweight training at your home and without any equipment and start maintaining your fitness just by doing basic bodyweight exercises at home. If you want to workout with a trainer, refer to the next paragraph.

These are all healthy eating habits and exercises which you can include in your daily life and start adopting a healthy lifestyle. And here is the tip I was telling. If you are facing any difficulty in maintaining your fitness there is an App FitsApp where you book a trainer at home and also you can book live fitness sessions. I had a great experience with them and they are really professional. You must try their service.


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