Health Routine to Follow If You Smoke Unique Pipes

Health Routine to Follow If You Smoke Unique Pipes

Mouth Rinses

On several websites of unique pipes, it can be read that it is useful to rinse mouth after smoking a pipe. In fact, there is no scientific evidence as to whether or not this is beneficial. In principle, it seems logical that limiting the contact time between the carcinogenic substances of the tobacco and the mucosa of the mouth diminishes its harmful effect. However, this is a rather simple idea and it could be, for example, that these harmful products were absorbed so rapidly by mucosal cells that the surface rinsed was completely ineffective or that they were insoluble substances in water. Even so, it is not harmful and does not seem wrong even if only as a hygienic measure.

Don’t Abuse Alcohol!

In moderate amounts, one or two units daily, alcohol appears to be beneficial for health. Above four units, this benefit disappears and some organs begin to risk in the long term, while some dangers of tobacco such as cancer of the mouth or esophagus are multiplied by three. The good drinker, like the good smoker, knows that it is preferable to have little.

Visit Dentist Once a Year

Tobacco stains start yellowing your teeth. As a rule, cleaning once a year is enough to avoid the effects of smoking unique pipes. Most of the smokers may need tooth whitening once or twice in their lifetime. But visits to the dentist are advisable due to two more important points. First, tobacco causes chronic gingivitis, which accelerates tooth loss. The dentist can diagnose and treat gingivitis in its earliest stages. Secondly, and above all, regular dental checkups make it possible to diagnose precancerous lesions of the mouth early.

One must confess to the dentist without binges that he is a unique pipe smoker and that he wants to know the potential diseases. One is called leukoplakia and has the appearance of smooth plaques, generally whitish, on the mucosa of the lips, gums, cheeks, tongue and on the floor of mouth or palate. If any of these lesions are observed, a sample of the mucosa is required to be examined under a microscope. If it truly is a precancerous injury, there are effective treatments to stop its progress, although nothing is as effective as quitting smoking.

General Health Checkup

Anyone over 30 or 35 years should go to a doctor for general review once a year. Some disorders such as hypertension, diabetes, elevated cholesterol or kidney failure can be easily detected with a simple physical examination and analysis. Otherwise, they often go unnoticed until the person faces an organ or tissue damage, usually many years after it would have been possible to correct it easily. I believe that smokers of unique pipe must also get examined the throat and lungs to stay safe.


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