Helpful Guidelines for Choosing Bags

Helpful Guidelines for Choosing Bags

Different sizes, fabrics, colors and designs, there are models of bags for every style and occasion. The bag is a very personal fashion accessory that reveals the style and personality of the wearer. Discrete or flashy, big or small, dark or light, smooth or embossed, elegant or casual colors, they reflect a style and a way of being. The choice of the bag is not only done by trends or comfort, but also it is influenced by other factors such as time of year, lifestyle and mood.

Tips for Choosing Bag According to Your Body

If, besides the design, you are looking for favors, consider your body and height. Choose a bag in harmony with your figure, and balancing the areas of excess and defect with a right size bag model.

Pear-Shaped Body (Wide Hips, Small Breasts)

Your bag is small with short strap that focuses on the upper body achieving balance.

Inverted Triangle (Narrow Hips, Large Breasts)

Your bag is long to counter large volume of hips with bag strap.

Depending on Your Height

  • If you are tall and thin, choose a large bag, colorful shapes and curves give the volume that you need.
  • If you are tall but curvy choose a rectangular bag.
  • If you are short, a small bag with short strap will give proportional volume to your height and gain more height.
  • If you are of average height, choose a medium bag just below the waist.

If you do not want to earn extra volume to your figure, choose a bag that does not protrude from your shoulders and do not fill the bag things. You can visually lengthen your figure combining clothes and accessories in the same color; another option is to divert attention from the figure centering on a small-medium bag of bright color.

Tips for Choosing Bag for the Occasion

Bags According to Personality

The bags in neutral, plain or classic designs and sizes, small to medium tones, are the preferred choice of discretion. For more daring are the bags with original shapes and crazy designs with colors and bold prints.

Bags According to Mood

You can vary the bag choice not only in terms of the clothes you wear but also set the mood. On the happy days, we tend to take clearer and more vivid colors, while at night or on cloudy or sad days it seems that we choose complements of darker and muted colors.

Bags According to Season

In the warmer months, fancy bags with light fabrics and bright colors, while in autumn-winter combinable functional bag in color are all in black, brown and gray.

It is better to have a bag of different colors for each model or have a good bag to match most of the clothes you have in our wardrobe, seeking balance. If the bag is not very close to the trend, it can be reused in the new seasons without going out of fashion. You can try Birkin handbags which suit almost all body types and occasions.

Handbags for Wedding Ceremonies

Protocol standards for special events mark that small handbags are the most elegant to wear with your dress or party dress choice. The jewel-like clutch handbags or bags are the smartest choice. Here I will give you 3 key styles to hit with your handbag for weddings ceremonies.

1 – Bag Matching with Shoes

Buy a set of shoes and matching bag is a sure bet. In many shoe shops and stores, they sell the complete special sets for weddings ceremonies, so just choose the color and style to match your dress.

2 – Bag Combined with Accessories

Combine your bag with your accessories such as rings, bracelets or necklaces. For example, if you choose to opt for a silver purse, chose silver jewelry, or if the bag has gold applique, you should choose gold accessories for a great compliment.

3 – Bag and Matching Manicure

A very feminine detail is nail polish matching with the bag, for example, take purple nail polish if your handbag is of that color.

Elegant Bags for Parties

Bags, along with shoes, are the finishing touch to a party look. You need to choose a bag according to our own style, but considering that you are going to use it for a special occasion. Follow our fashion tips to find the most stylish bags to carry to the parties at different occasions.


The handbags are a classic at parties. They are very stylish and serve to give a little touch to your look. This dominated bags are with geometric shapes such as spheres, circles, cylinders and hexagonal boxes.

Bags with Chain and Tacks

Chain bags are always very fashionable. They are very elegant and modern, combining classic style with modern designs. They are ideal to take on holidays because they are usually small, being more comfortable.

Zippers and studs give some ‘eighties’ style to your bags. This may seem self-assured rocker style and can be very sexy and elegant.

Bags with Animal Print

The strongest trend is the animal print. Bags with leopard print colors are a fun accessory that can brighten your festivity. They look bold and give the elegant feel you need.

Gold and Silver Bags

It is a classic for holidays. You must be very careful in choosing these tones as they may be excessive and inelegant if you do not combine them. If combined, in the same bag, gold or silver with some precious stones can be very elegant.


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