Helpful Guidelines for Landscaping During Hot & Cold Days

Helpful Guidelines for Landscaping During Hot & Cold Days

Summer is very punitive to landscape. It’s vital to make the alteration in your practice to adjust the increasing heat. The obvious prey to the summer’s heat is the lawns. Although rain is heavy in spring time, many places soon have water restrictions. Less water for your lawn, coupled with the heat will put an extreme amount of stress on the above ground portion of your turfgrass.

Some turf species will place themselves in a state of dormancy to conserve the underground root system when sufficient moisture is not available. No longer will it put energy into producing food for itself and remaining green, but will seek available water and nutrients to keep its root system alive. This dormancy is evident when the grass blades turn brown and straw-like. Though it may look dead and in need of repair, chances are that most of the turf will come back when the nights become longer, the temperatures start to decline, and moisture is more readily available.

A practice, which helps with maintaining a green lawn longer, is to simply mow your grass higher. You have to tell your landscape maintenance company to raise their mower decks when the weather begins to get hot in the summertime. The longer blades of grass will aid in shading the soil, keeping it cooler and reducing evaporation. Though your lawn may not look quite as manicured, it may stay green longer, which will help in reviving your lawn in the fall from the summer stress.

Now that most plants have put on their spring and summer growth, many will tend to look overgrown or like they are overcrowding an area. While you may be tempted to prune or cut back the plant to make it look tidier or to control its size in the summer, experts recommend to prune in the late fall or winter or early in spring.

Pruning a plant is about putting out its leaves and will cost the plant energy, resulting in poor flowering or poor growth. Whenever cuts are made, the area immediately surrounding the cut is invigorated and often will begin to push out new stem or branch growth. This will result in short growth period and often the branch will be unable to harden off, causing damage to trees as well. Using gas powered shears is not recommended because it promotes growth along the path you cut, with branches and leaves ultimately growing thick enough to shade lower branches of sunlight. The final result for most shrubs will be thick top growth and the center of the bush will have none.

The idea of making landscape would be to convert it into patio surrounded by the beautiful vegetation. It would be a good idea to create the levels in the landscaping design. In small sectors, it is completely useful because it gives the illusion of more space. The swimming pool could be employed like a guide to determine the level. Let’s look at some more garden landscaping ideas in this post.

In our example, the level of floor of the patio can be placed at the second stage. The stages themselves can be covered with flagstone, thus, they would have a more normal feeling. For this idea of installation of garden landscaping, the floor could be manufactured starting from red bricks. The walls of the swimming pool beginning the first stage could be aligned with the vertical flagstones which act as the barriers to hold the ground. The flagstones can also be placed at the areas chosen with the lip of the swimming pool, in particular the corner. When the mortar holding the stones is dry, the interior can then be filled of the ground of garden landscaping.

Another idea of the installation of creative garden landscaping is to make a place which is attractive to the birds. Since species of the birds like the fruits much, planting the fruit trees will draw surely the birds in the garden. Moreover, many tress of the fruits release the pleasant aromas which will make the air fresh and scented.

You can install birdbath in your garden as well. To resemble of the birdbaths, the decorative basins on a pedestal in the middle of a garden can be sued. The birdbaths provide to birds water to drink. It is important to replace water often to make sure that the birds can drink it. A nice contact would be to put models of the birds on trees and other structures. It makes it possible for the birds to be perched and to rest. It is very simple to build. You can tie the long pieces of the cords at each end of a brushwood or a stick and then attach the other ends on the branches of the trees or the projecting places of the structures in the garden landscape.

Well, these are just a few garden landscaping ideas. Much more could be found on the internet and with the help of the professional Dubai landscape companies. With creativity, a person could transform a differently typical or unutilized place into an astounding garden landscaping.


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