Helpful Tips to Allow Your Child to Adapt in a Child Care Facility

Helpful Tips to Allow Your Child to Adapt in a Child Care Facility

Knowing that the children would not choose to go to the child care facility, the parents should take into account that they can take adaptation very well; they can be regular and they can be fatal, and we must be aware of why they cry, why they have a bad time and, in this way, we can be clear that we should help them the more for better outcomes.

Anticipate What Will Happen

I know that many children have already started the period of adaptation and perhaps this advice comes a little late, but I mention it because even when they have already started, they can continue working at home. This advice is for children who already understand a little what happens, who already know the symbolic game, through which they emulate the daily life with their dolls or representing characters. It also works for younger children, being aware, of course, that the level of understanding will be lower.

The idea is to represent life in the child care facility with toys, so that they anticipate what is going to happen. It can also be done by representing characters, the child making himself, for example, and mom or dad playing the child educator.

Through the characters dialogues and everyday happenings, the situations are created, so that the child knows them such as the arrival with a ‘Good morning’ and ‘so let’s say goodbye to mom and explain that today we’re going to play a lot of things.

The more we play to it, the more we train the characters, the more times the child will live in a pleasant environment and the more of everyday thing will happen to him/her that will later help in living for a certain period without parents’ company. It would be to exemplify it, as astronauts who undergo hard training to then be able to live in space. We will be playing to go to the child care facility and so, when you go, you will feel a little bit that you already know the environment and the dynamics.


Try to put yourself in their skin to know what they feel and why they feel it, support them and help them and keep in mind that, if you change your relationship with them when you are at home, demanding more contact and more time with you, you should do what is possible for giving it to him/her, because he/she is asking you to show that you still love him/her.

Separating yourself from the most important person in your life is very difficult, if that person is also your guide, your reference, your support in bad times, not only can you feel sad, but also misplaced and without knowing what direction to take.

The workers at Noahs Ark Childcare facility are adept at handling kids with extreme care and affection and your child will very soon adapt to their ambience without facing much difficulty.


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