Hoover Steam Vac F7452900 Dual V Wide path Review

Hoover Steam Vac F7452900 Dual V Wide path Review

It is a well-known carpet cleaner by Hoover in the affordable price range, yet at first glance, this machine has received a wide array of the critical reviews. With all these mixed reviews, it may be hard to pinpoint the actual consensus about the carpet cleaner.

Even though a few experts rate tis machine as 5/5, it may be unrepresented to the users who use more than once, as most of the users give the machine a bit undesirable reviews, which may cast the discredit on that expert review. Its performance is mediocre and its product life and/or parts is short lived causing many users to buy the replacement parts. Overall there are better alternatives and if you have bigger budget, so you may avoid this machine.

It is well designed for the uses such as cleaning or removing the stains on carpet, upholstery, and deep carpeted fibers. Its features include the following;

  • It measures 13 X 18 X 43-1/4 inches.
  • Exclusive auto-rinse feature
  • Spinning 6-brush system
  • Dual-nozzle construction
  • SpinScrub powered hand tool
  • 8-foot hose

With so much critical opinion, we decided to break down the reviews for and against the machine.

If we talk about the positive reviews, we come to know that this model also offers a convenient detergent mixing system. You can simply add the detergent and the machine does the rest of the job itself, so no cumbersome diluting of the detergent is required. Some users also rave about the attachment features as it is included in this model a removable nozzle, a hand tool, and an attachment for the bare floor cleaning. The majority of users of this carpet cleaner has reported satisfaction when they pull the product from the box.

On the other hand, when we talk about the negative reviews, we count for more of the flaws in the machine’s design. The reviews somewhat unanimously say that this carpet cleaner does not last long and the parts are cheap and easily break. Some have said that they put their machine in the junk and had only used it a few times. Some said that when the first clean tank broke at the seal, they ordered a new tank, which took a few weeks to come in with an additional cost but it came in made of thinner plastic and lasted a very short time.


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