How does Laser Hair Removal Technology Work?

How does Laser Hair Removal Technology Work?

Laser for hair removal may seem like science fiction, but it is actually a burgeoning industry that is revolutionizing the way individuals deal with unwanted hair. Laser hair removal of unwanted hair is a relatively new industry. While hair removal by laser was done experimentally for over 20 years, it was not until 1990s when laser hair removal became a commercially available option. Today thousands of laser hair removal clinics and several home products serve as a solution for unwanted hair.

How It Works?

Laser for hair removal is safe and highly effective way of removing hair from unpleasant places. In the process, the laser will focus on certain parts of the skin, causing localized damage to the skin around the follicle of the hair. The rest of the skin will not be damaged by the hair removal by laser.

This method targets melanin, being primary chromophore for the process. Since this takes place organically in skin, producing different kinds of hair colors, it is a very safe method. Laser and hair removal products often target the follicle and melanin to remove the hair directly from the source.

Due to photons’ absorption in the laser light, only black and brown hair are removed with laser on the skin. For the hair removal by laser to be as effective as possible, a combination of dark course hair, or light skin and dark hair, is preferred. That being said, there are new techniques that can remove dark black hair on dark skin using hair removal by laser.

Where Can Lasers Remove Hair?

Pretty much any area not located around the eyes is safe for laser hair removal of problem hairs and hair can be removed from almost any part of the body. When you proceed to get laser for hair removal procedure done, it takes several visits to completely get rid of the hair. With the laser hair removal of problem hair, it usually takes between 5 and 12 treatments for the laser and hair removal process to completely finish. With lighter skin and darker hair, it will generally take five visits, but lighter hair and darker skin will result in 10 or more visits to get the best results.

The laser hair removal treatments cannot be close together either. Usually each laser for hair removal treatment will have space apart by 4 to 6 weeks. This allows for the skin to heal from the laser. This means that to completely get rid of hair, roughly 6 months of treatments is needed. However, once the complete treatment is done, the process is completed because laser hair removal is a permanent procedure for removing hair. Since the follicles are destroyed, there is no way the hair will grow back. Today, laser hair removal cost has also decreased as compare to the time when it was introduced.


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