How has Social Media Changed our Lives?

How has Social Media Changed our Lives?

Only a decade ago, social media was little more than a budding trend. There were some websites such as Friendster and MySpace that had a certain degree of adoption, but population as a whole had not been aware of it in a general sense. In recent years, social media has affected our lives more than anything else. Since everything comes with both good and bad, similarly social media has affected our lives in both positive and negative manner.

Social Media: The Good

Social media has done some appreciable things to add to our lives.

1 – Speedy Access to Information

Thanks to social media, worldwide information is available to each and every single person at an instant pace. Anything that just happened somewhere in the world is a click away to be shared or tweeted to billions of social media users around the world. It is also very helpful for growing our sources of content as a whole.

2 – Pervasive Connectivity to others

Social media has given a new dimension to communication. We can tweet, Facebook message, or touch base along with using other modern means. We can keep a track of what others are doing, within seconds of them doing it, supposing they share it on a social network of some sort. It’s not difficult to catch up with someone if they want you to find them.

3 – Globalized Voices

Today we can raise our voice regarding anything that we desire.We can outburst, rave, tell jokes, share images, and normally mix and mingle to our heart’s content. These thoughts can grow legs of their own once social domain grasps hold of them.

4 – A Better Arena for Business

By providing a global reach to individual voices social media can pave way for success of even the smallest startup. It enables businesses around the world to amplify their message hence help them in generating more profits.

Social Media: The Bad

There are some aspects of social media that make us shut our browser window and move on.

I – Hiding Behind Anonymity

It’s a common trend on social media to mask one’s true identity. As a consequence, we have everything from absolute trolls to habitual tricksters. This kind of behavior makes the whole internet and predominantly social media, less productive and pleasant for all.

II – Selfie Craze

This recent trend in youngsters has made them self-obsessed. They can now go to any extent to get social appreciation. Weird instances can be seen these days such a shirtless guy bending in front of a mirror, girls making awful duck faces, or people with bad decree taking selfies in front of natural disasters.

III – All Talk, No Action

Social media war, hashtag activism and many others are all vivid examples of the fact that people are not realistic anymore. They believe that venting on social media can solve problems. However, this thinking needs to be changed as nothing is possible just by whining over issues on social media and by not taking a real action. You can know about the latest buzz in social media world at Zeazia, a site dedicated for technology info.


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