How to Buy the Beats Online?

How to Buy the Beats Online?

There are billions of producers but nobody is on the same level. Rapping is the source of income for some, some have started recently and some are in the middle. Those who are in the middle give some of their beats for free. These people want to keep their tag or ask you to mention them in your song or they will say you to give them credits wherever you are uploading your song.

YouTube, Google and SoundCloud are the good sites for finding “Free Rap Beats” or “Free Hip Hop Instrumentals”. Make a list of all the producers that are giving free beats. Visit them frequently to find out what is new and also show them your support. Whenever you release music using their beats then also let them know and also share your music with them.

If finding free rap beats is difficult then, focus a little more. Many producers have it on their website and they also have a mailing list on which you can sign up. Those people who are on their mailing list are provided with exclusive discount deals by them. Anytime they can offer special deals especially on holidays and festivals

Hence you should find those producers whose rap beats fit your style and also sign up to their mailing list. An advantage of this will be that you will be able to get special discounts and you will be informed whenever a new beat is released. You can also add those producers who are making their living by making rap beats. As a way of saying thank you for signing on to their mailing list they will reward you with a free rap beat.

Here is an easy way for finding the dope producers and also to get on their mailing lists for discounts and different discounts. Serious producers will have their own websites and they upload their beats on 3rd party websites with a good reputation for sale for example,, and are some of the 3rd party websites. You can find a large number of producers on the internet.

Many of the sites have ranked the top selling producers on a chart so you are able to know that which of the producer is at the top. By clicking on the producers name you will be taking to the profile of the producer and his personal website it will also be written there on his profile. See that can you sign up to their mailing list. Also be sure that the producer lower aren’t as good as the top one. This means that they are trying to promote their beats so they should not be worried that what is written in those big charts.

You should not pay high prices for the leases. If you are buying exclusive rights to a rap beat then it is understandable. $10-$30 dollars per beat should be paid for the lease but for exclusive rights it could cost $300-$5,000 and up.

If you are looking for an online beats buying option keeping in view the above tips, then the most successful option is djkronicbeats,com. The mentioned website has a set of well created beats to choose from in very nominal charges. The beats are created to match your style and passion. From beginners to the professionals all can get the best help from  You can also find the rap beats for sale here.

Getting the hip hop beats is needed for various occasions. The online buying is a difficult thing. Just like shopping anything online buying beats is also a question of reliability and trust. There are numerous online opportunities to buy the beats but among all possible sites the most preferred and liked site is It is an easy way of buying. It supports the concept of online shopping and one of the go-to website kind of sellers. It is greatly helpful for several artists and rappers who want to get the beats comfortably. For the music loving rappers and artists it is highly essential to get the top quality instrumental beats. To have an easy way of getting the best anyone can rely on They ensure peace of mind, high quality services, and easy to get services.

It is the most appropriate place to get the plug in for the hip hop beats. The website offers occasional discounts and deals. They are a great help in creating the beats for anyone. 

The payment mode is also not very difficult. In order to buy the payments the website accepts credit cards or PayPal, so it is convenient for every one living around the globe to pay anytime. This makes the payment free of time and space. No matter wherever you are you can send the payments against your order.  All hip hop beats are posted immediately to the email of the buyer after the purchase has been done.  All hip hop beats are submitted accompanied with only one intro tag. The contract gives the rights that describe the instrumentals purchased. All hip hop beats which are to be sold do not have the royalty. This, once the song is completed it can be sold without the stress of the payment of the royalty. The beats available on the website are great for profit and non-profit use. The buyer can go for demo downloads if he clicks on the SoundClick.

Most of the music buyers prefer purchasing the hip hop beats from because of the easy procedure and the top quality beats. The most preferred reason is to get promoted with their help. You create and we make you popular by putting your works on Facebook and then getting you more than 8,000 hip hop fans at once. The list keeps growing with the promotional acts of The best trait of the site is that they don’t consider you as the customers but they as their priority. They treat the goals of the customers as if they are building their own empire of success. They make social media like Facebook and Twitter the world of promoting the music of the customer. Thus, through this website the customer gains the strength of investing in his future. The website makes use of the most expensive and modernized equipment to create the beats which you can use for the production of your masterpiece.

If you want to create a masterpiece, don’t get baffled you have the best website for hip hop beats just a click away from you.


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