How to Choose a Hot Dog Cooker?

How to Choose a Hot Dog Cooker?

While choosing a hot dog cooker, we need to keep a number of factors in mind e.g. if it is for home or commercial use, in case it is commercial than the type of business being operated, what is the requirement as far as how we are looking for the items to be cooked (at what temperature range) and other factors such as cost, the space (we would like to keep it in, the grill options and if at all the cooker will be specific to hot dogs only or at some point one might want to try cooking other items as well. Let us now look at certain options that need to be looked at prior to making a final decision:

The Hot Dog Steamers

They are very common, economical and easy to use… The boiling water in a reservoir provides steam that gives a cooking time of 30 minutes to 1 hour. Steamers are a time efficient option to cook some mouth watering and delicious hot dogs… They are very easy to clean and operate. Another good option is the ability of steamers to keep the hot dogs warm till the time they are served.

A majority of the Steamers are made out of stainless steel with sealed water tanks, drain valves, juice tray and can easily be unassembled for cleaning… Many come with both a hot dog and bun steamer that help in cooking and warming both items simultaneously. 

The Hot Dog Roller Grill

This is an efficient and easy way to cook some juicy and tasty hot dogs. Rollers distribute heat in an efficient manner to ensure that all hot dogs are cooked properly. The ones available in market these days can hold from the 6 up to 75 or even 100 hotdogs at a time… Some come with a cook alert tone option, while others do not. Some are all in one with an additional bun drawer that can be space saving while others have options such as low noise, high and low temperature quick to regular cook options. Some are light on pocket while others have an extra bit of price to pay for premium functionality. Thus it is the consumer’s choice for an ultimate decision on what suits best to them.

However, in the end it all comes down to taste and buyer’s choice therefore all factors need to be kept in mind before making a final decision. At HotDogR, you will know a lot more in this regard.

Hot dog rollers offer easily accessible knobs which control heat setting on every grill. Non-stick coating of the grills makes them easy to clean. Cleaning is easy which reduces the time for maintaining the equipment. Commercial hot dog cookers have a warranty of about a year.

Hot dog rollers which have storage for buns are attractive as well as functional. Cookers which have storage for buns allow to save space and provide hygienic food. Select a commercial hot dog roller depending on the following five features;

1 – Width of the Hot Dog Roller                   

The roller grills of the hot dog cooker vary in widths. These rollers have widths which range from 17 1/8″ to 36″ depending on the model of the cooker which is selected.

Commercial Hot Dog Rollers with storage areas for buns vary in widths in order to meet the business needs. These hot dog cookers have sizes from 23 3/4″ to 35 3/4″ wide.

2 – Hot Dog Rollers with Storage for Buns    

Commercially used hot dog rollers have a bun storage with glass doors or solid ones to provide hygienic food without occurring extra space. These units of storage areas can be both heated and non-heated. Heated ones provide the customers with hot, fresh and ready to eat food whereas non-heated ones keep the buns fresh without adding warmth which won’t be liked by some customers. These are good for maximizing the shelf life of the buns and bread products.

3 – The Surface of Hot Dog Roller Grills         

The hot dog roller grills can be bought with two types of finishes.

  • Non-stick surface
  • Chrome surface

They provide easy cleaning along with durability. Chrome rollers are durable used for traditional methods of cooking.

4 – Options Available for Hot Dog Roller Grills

There is an availability of two types of commercial hot dog roller grills which meet all the needs of the business which are as follows:

  • Flat grills
  • Corral grills

Flat rollers provide flexibility in work and make it easy to access all the areas around the hot dog cooker whereas corral grills are unique as well as innovative in providing space for preparing hot dogs along with sausages.

5 – Technology of Hot Dog Grill Rollers    

These rollers are available with manual and electrical controls. Electronic controls temperature which assures safety whereas manual ones customize the settings of heat and control of the linear heat in the entire unit.


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