How to Choose Reliable Laboratory Equipment?

How to Choose Reliable Laboratory Equipment?

Setting up a laboratory is not an easy task since in a laboratory, you have to deal with a number of jobs. The results from the laboratories are used to carry out the quality works and many future works depend on the kind of equipment being used in the laboratory. Hence, a proper laboratory set up is highly important. To give the best results, the equipment has to be chosen after a careful inspection and test. By the way, you can also buy used laboratory equipment if it is available in good condition.

Not every equipment is for every laboratory. Before you buy the equipment needed for your lab, match the needs and the specifications of the equipment. The best results can be obtained through a comprehensive study of all the equipments and brands available. Each of them includes a complete description of its features, pros and cons. Shortlist the list already available and then match the remaining ones that you have chosen for the specifications. Summarize your needs and match the said with the results regarding the specification of the equipment. The lab apparatus must be appropriate in size too so that it does not make the lab congested. The lab must be securely wide for the users to avoid any accident. In limited space, prefer bench fitted apparatus.

Prefer buying the user-friendly apparatus. The term user-friendly means that the equipment must ensure safety and easy handling of the device. The apparatus must be bought according to the usage of the laboratory as well. The ones in schools and colleges must have the equipment that is not hazardous for young users. In case of limited laboratory staff, it is better to get the automated equipment which will reduce the human intervention.

The budget varies from department depending on the financial strength. The equipment has to be purchased within the same limits. There is no need to extra burden your resources. The best option available is the competitive price analysis and consider buying used laboratory equipment. There are also sales and discounts that can help you get the best products on cut-down rates. Even if the sales and discounts are not available, there are chances to get a supplier that is not charging a great deal.

Before considering buying from a particular supplier, make sure the warranty and after-sale services are available. Because of the multi-users, lab equipment can get out of order easily, so there must be the guarantee of correcting them immediately.

Here in this article, we are going to give you some guideline about laboratory equipment and some of their uses. For the one who is new in the laboratory, it is very important for him/her to know all the uses about the laboratory equipment. There are a lot of pieces of equipment used in the laboratory and all are used in different ways as they have different uses from each other. If you face difficulty pertaining to the use of laboratory equipment, here is a short guide for you which will make it easy.


If you are working in the laboratory, obviously you need something to measure liquid, so a pipette is used in the laboratory as it is a tool used to measure a precise amount of liquid in a variety of scientific purposes and processes. Before every experiment, you need to measure the liquids. You have a variety of dissimilar levels of accuracy.

Here we have glassware. They are beakers, flasks, test tubes and graduated cylinders. The burette is one of the measuring equipment and it is also a piece of glassware with volumetric commencement for dispensing accurate quantity of liquid in titrations and experiments. Affix a burette to position using the burette to hold tightly. There are many other pieces of laboratory equipment like a micropipette, pipette, burette, and pipette pump.

Distillation, Separatory Funnel and Vacuum Filtration

In a laboratory, one of the methods used for separating mixtures is known as distillation. It is used for industrial purposes and skill laboratory efforts. Vacuity filtration permits a faster separation of suspensions and mixtures of different kinds of liquids.

For this purpose, we have separatory funnels that are used to separate 2 immiscible liquids of dissimilar concentrations. You need to be very safe and secure while using as it can hurt you. There are different separating types of equipment like vacuum filtering kit, condenser accessory kit, laboratory funnel, 250 ml and 500 ml.

Tubing Stoppers

You can use hardened rubber stoppers to seal a test tube, flask or any glassware. The tubing stoppers help you to seal any glassware if you have stored anything in them and you can use while shaking the mixture or anything else. They are basically used to close the opening of the beaker, so that the chemicals don’t get out while you are mixing or shaking. Before using this, you need to check that if the flask, beaker or your glassware you are using is not cracked.

When you are using laboratory equipment, you also need to know all the safety precautions.


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