How to Choose the Right Air Filters for Your Home?

How to Choose the Right Air Filters for Your Home?

Indoor pollution nowadays is a major cause of lung and breathing problem. It has also been a very big cause of asthma among people therefore it is really important to filter the air inside home as well. Air filter are being used for filtration of air. Portable air cleaner can also be used but they can clean only one room or specific area not the whole house. Pollutant inside your house can be categorized in to types.

Particulate Matter

Dust, molds, bacteria, pollen and particles produced from combustion like the particles produced from cooking range.

Gaseous Pollutants

This type includes tobacco smoke, gas produced from combustion. Gas produced form pesticides, cleaning products, paints and adhesives.

Different air filters are present to remove pollutants from air for both types of impurities.

Particle Removers

There are two types of air filters which can remove particles from air

Mechanical Air Filter

These filters remove particles by capturing them on the surface of substance which is used for filtration.

Electronic Air Filter

These filters use electrostatic attraction to remove the dust particles. Particles obtain an electric charge when is drawn through ionization section. These charged particles are attracted towards the plate which is oppositely charged and is called collector.


These are also called ion generator. This filter disperse ion into air. It has same phenomena like electronic filters but there is not collector present in this filter. These charged ions charge the particles present in air so they attach to the nearby surfaces like walls, furniture, carpets, etc.

Gaseous Impurities Remover

These removers use substances called sorbent like activated carbon which absorb gaseous pollutants present in the air. These removers can only remove one or two gases present in the house. As they can only remove a specified gaseous pollutant therefore they will not remove other gases for which they are not designed. A very simple example of carbon monoxide is present in front of us. This gas is produced when any incomplete combustion of any fuel takes place like wood, methane (natural gas), coal etc. but right now the filters which are present in market cannot remove carbon monoxide because they are not designed for it.

Destruction of Pollutant

Some air cleaners use ultraviolet (UV) light to kills the germs and pollutants present in air. These air cleaners have several types like photcatalytic oxidation (PCO) cleaners, ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) cleaners

UVGI Cleaners

These cleaners can remove biological pollutants like mold, bacteria, and viruses. These germs are found on cooling coils and drain pans. These cleaners can be used with air filters but cannot replace air filters or cleaners which are discussed above.

PCO Cleaners

These cleaners remove pollutants with the help of UV light and a catalyst. They gas destroy harmful gaseous pollutants by converting them into harmless substances. Like gaseous removers they are not designed for specific substances.

Ozone Generators

These removers use light to kill germs but produce ozone which is harmful for human health and therefore it is not recommended.


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