How to Choose Wire Mash Air Filters Rightly?

How to Choose Wire Mash Air Filters Rightly?

Whether you are testing different models or creating single prototype under different conditions to find out durability and performance limitations, you must need right components. Different industries needs wire mesh filters. Its production is used for every prototype that comes in food processing to biotechnology industry. So, how to find a reliable company for some particular air filters?

Customized Filters

Some companies offers handful of designs and style. Although, no size fits all, perhaps you want firm with capabilities to take your existing design specifications and manufacture on those specification accurately. From pore size and distribution to end cap design and filter shape, you always need a firm that focuses in ‘Exactly’ meeting your design requirement and ‘Close to’ cannot cut ‘Exactly’ here”.

Screen Material

Depending on application used, it requires some different filter screen types.  For instance woven wire cloth are used by several application while other may use metal sintered laminates or metal mesh fabric. However, it is crucial for Research and Development Team to experiment all different material types to ensure the best choice of material type for final production. Religiously, choose a company capable for any specific and all metal mesh screen materials and air filters.

Working Experience of Myriad Industries

May be it is the first and foremost. A prototype filter manufacturer with good experience of serving a wide array of industries, especially yours, can better understand the severe requirements compulsory for air filter production in all applications. For example, the air filters used in petrochemicals have different chemical and physical requirements compared with food processing industry.

Production & Delivery Time

Creating prototypes or any other production, speed is the essence. Your whole R&D must be done before production. The longer it takes to arrive, the longer you go with testing and the longer it will be to start production. So consider time for production and delivery, given by air filter manufacturer.

Deciding over a reliable air filter prototype manufacturer is an integral part of any research and development process; never choose them without all considerations such as time of production and delivery, reputation in the market, and experience among multiple industries. Also check them for the capabilities to provide different style and designs of filter shapes and types of different materials used in wire mashed filters production.


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