How To Differentiate An Original Louis Vuitton From A Fake One?

How To Differentiate An Original Louis Vuitton From A Fake One?

Louis Malletier Vuitton is a luxury French fashion house dedicated to the design of leather goods, clothing, jewelry and accessories. The Louis Vuitton brand, along with its LV monogram, was listed as the number 29 brand worldwide. Due to the luxury brand condition, Louis Vuitton is one of the most counterfeit brands in the fashion industry. While fake bags and wallets are widely available and may look authentic, knowing how to differentiate a genuine Louis Vuitton from a fake one, can assure the buyer the authenticity of the product they are purchasing.

We must also look at the distance of the handles, and other decorative elements of the bag or wallet looking for distances that can be asymmetrical or we can compare it with that of the official site. As well as the logo of the same brand, interior labels, and the quality of the sheets that often come inside as a label in the bags and wallets. Another thing you can usually see is that the replicas sometimes come out in colors and textures that really are not in the mark itself. 

Note the placement of the monogram on the wallet, commonly known as the LV logo. The V should be slightly above the L while the L passing through the lower left of the V. Louis Vuitton handbags and wallets are usually made with a single long piece of leather, which makes the monogram symmetrical on both sides.

Look at the sewing patterns along the Louis Vuitton wallets. They always has five stitches through the leather tab where it meets the handle. Compare, if possible, two Louis Vuitton wallets side by side to identify the number of stitches placed in the bag, noting if the stitching is the same for each wallets.

Look at the wallets that the monogram is a single color, or the text is multi-color. A Louis Vuitton wallets with several colors on the monogram can be a sign of falsehood, since only the Speedy 30 and Milla Pochette PM are multicolored. The Speedy 30 can be identified as a Damier canvas bag with a rounded shape, especially on the sides, and the Moche Pochette PM is small, identifiable by the refined metallic signature appearing in the upper front center point of the bag, and the fixing the gold chain on both sides.

Look at the source in the wallet’s authenticity patch. Louis Vuitton only uses a specific font for all of its bags, with uppercase letters, same small spaces between letters, and Os are quite round. The text on the patch on the inside should be perfectly centered on the top front with Louis Vuitton written at the top, followed by the place where it was made, usually listed as Paris, but it may also appear as USA or Switzerland.


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