How to Download GB Instagram APK in 2020

Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms which provides exciting features to its users to keep them well entertained. Instagram is not only used for entertainment but also for business purposes. 

Ever thought of getting Instagram with more features in which one can download the stories, images, and videos, or even more to it! GB Instagram APK is perfect to meet your requirements. Here’s a list of free Instagram usernames and passwords. It is a mod version of the Instagram app but with extra and more exciting features than the actual Instagram. 

To unlock the door to additional features of Instagram, all you need is GB Instagram APK and an Android version above 4.0x. Here are the steps to download this excellent APK file

  1. First, download the GB Instagram APK on your device. Since it is an APK file, it is not available on the play store, but you can get the link to download it on the internet by using third-party websites. 
  1. After the download is complete, you can install the application. You can locate the file in your mobile storage. After clicking on the install option, you might get some warnings.
  1. Go to settings and allow the installation of data from unknown sources on your device. Try to install the application after making the above changes.

Note: You need to follow step 3 only if you get some warning. However, if you do not see any warning on your screen, ignore this step and continue with the next level.

  1. After installing GB Instagram APK, open it on your device.
  2. Log in with your Instagram id and password. 

Bravo! You successfully downloaded the mod version of Instagram with amazing features. Enjoy, and explore more about it. This application will fulfill your wish to download images, videos, and stories on Instagram, and you will be able to customize your Instagram account with more attractive themes. 

Trust me, you will love it! 

But wait, there is more to it. Check out the other spectacular features of GB Instagram, and your excitement will reach its peak.

Features of GB Instagram APK 

  • Copy the bio of your friend

If you are keen on someone’s bio, head to your friend’s profile, and tap on the bio and Bingo! It will be copied on your clipboard.

  • Copy the comment you like

If you wish to copy any comment, tap on it, and it will be copied to your clipboard. You cannot do so with your actual Instagram app, but with GB Instagram, it is a cakewalk.

  • Handle Multiple Accounts 

The latest version of this application allows you to run multiple accounts and alter the report in precisely one click.

  • Download button for media like images, videos, and stories

You can download images, videos, and stories with the help of GB Instagram. For that, you need to allow storage permission, open the media you wish to download, select the menu key, and select the download option that appears.

  • Zoom Profile Pictures

GB Instagram satisfies the users with its feature to Zoom In/Out the profile pictures of other users.

  • Translate Comments

You can easily translate the comments in your preferred language with just one click without any external app.

  • Customize with themes

GB Instagram allows the users to download the themes on the phone and apply it to your Instagram to feast your eyes. You can easily use this feature with just a few clicks even though this feature is still in the beta stage.

  • Notification Count

This feature helps the users to grasp the percentage of notifications they get, which keeps the taskbar clean and straightforward.

  • Mark any Conversation

With the help of this feature, you can mark any conversation with a star and can get easy access to it.

  • Copy or Share URLs of any post

Users can easily copy and share the URLs of their favorite posts on any chatting platform directly with the help of this fantastic feature.

  • Hide your online presence 

You can hide that you saw stories of other users and stay in the dark. Keep an eye on any of your friends without even letting them know.

  • No root required for download

Amazing, right?

So, what are you waiting for, unlock extra features of Instagram with GB Instagram APK? 


Just click the above link and hit the download button because the best things come to those who work for it. Give it a shot, and you will fall in love with this application. 

It is free of cost! So please don’t wait, go for it because it’s worth it. It is better or even the best alternative to Instagram. Download it now! Seize the opportunity.


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