How to Earn Money on Steem by only Content Curation?

How to Earn Money on Steem by only Content Curation?

Content curation is referred as an ability to flag (for abuse) or upvote content on the platform of STEEM. The curation does not pay you much however it is good to get started while you are learning about the system. So for your learning here is something more;

You are now signup in to Steemit, and therefore on Steem network. At top left you can see word trending and down arrow. Click it and you will see seven different views to select new content. Here is a short description to each option.

Hot: are those posts that are popular at present and they are best opportunity to vote or comment.

Trending: Most popular post since last months

New: Recently posted content that is created just a few couples of minute ago.

Payout Time: There are the post whose reward is still not paid. Your comments and votes can pay a bit to them, however payout come soon.

Active: These are recently commented or edited posts. These post are best to gain some visibility as well as you can make new connections.

Responses: are the posts that gained highest number of comments in last 30 days time.

Popular: those post that earned highest upvotes in last 30 days.

One can also find content by tapping to magnifying glass on top. It work just like GOOGLE.


When you think a post is useful, just upvote it at bottom of post. When you think it is abusive, hit flag.

However do not worry at all, whenever you upvote, you aren’t spending any money. While curating you are actually getting paid for deciding who should be paid. For getting maximum income for voting, vote 20 posts in 24 hours as every 20 votes leverages to 5 percent of STEEM POWER.

Remember that your vote power may decline after every vote. Therefore do not cast lots of votes at once. Try to spread them. Your voting power can be checked at At left-hand column, check your voting power, closer it will be to 100 percent, greater your power to vote will be.

I can’t overestimate importance of good or productive behavior on Steemit. It is still small, high steem power accounts, that are known as dolphins and whales are paying more attention. You will not gain any vote if you are found behaving non-constructive while you Steemit.


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