How to Find Companies for the Best CDL Truck Driving Jobs for Felonies?

How to Find Companies for the Best CDL Truck Driving Jobs for Felonies?

Truck driving jobs are kind of boon for felons because it can be a life changing career that gives you long term benefits. This job can provide a freedom to a felon to roam on open road with comfort and security as well as a high paying employment that is also felon friendly.

As learnt from a recent study, trucking industry is coming out of recession and growing with very fast pace. This is rare to see any industry which is still growing with more potential even in this age downward economy.

Good news for ex-convicts looking for jobs that are felon friendly, with great expectations. Only 2 types of felonies aren’t allowed to do CDL truck driving jobs.

  1. Possession with intention to distribute or distribution, or importation of any controlled substance.
  2. Using any criminal force like knife or gun 

Hiring CDL truck drivers is highly regulated by Government and if you have any of above types of felonies you would not get such opportunity. For those convicted in other crimes can still drive a truck and find as many companies that hire felons.

However, companies that hire felons need you to have a CDL. You can find 100s of trucking schools from where you can learn and get help to gather required credentials. Here are few tips for felonies who are interested to get into best CDL truck driving jobs.

Tips for Getting a Truck Driver Job

Honesty is the best policy even in trucking field. Be honest with your past record, assume that a company hiring you will investigate each and everything including your past criminal, employment and driving record. A clean driving history is a plus point.

Call up truck delivery services and not truck driving training schools. Schools are only interested in fees however commercial driving license has no worth if you are not getting hired.

Try for smaller local companies if you didn’t find luck with bigger ones.

If you are fed up of randomly calling, go to local truck stop to check their bulletin boards where you can find lots of ads posted. Also talk to truck drivers and a coffee with them and ask for tips and help about where and how to find companies that hire felons. Truck driving can be a great felony job. You must have the desire to go the extra step in order to qualify for high paying felony friendly jobs. We hope that these tips will aid you on your search for truck driving jobs for felons.


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