How to Get Cabling and Wiring Done in Your Home?

How to Get Cabling and Wiring Done in Your Home?

If you want to do wiring in a house when it’s in the process of construction then hire a proper electrician for this purpose. But, if you want to get wiring done in an already built house then you need to consider the following steps.

  • Make a plan of the entire house and the places you want the wire to pass through. Where you want the ports and in which rooms. Once you have decided the entire plan on how to lay your wires near to the ceiling or through the joints or through the walls. Plan such that the wire pass easily through and reach the required place easily also minimum amount of wire should be used. Try to lay the wires in such a way that you can minimize the damage to your house like drywall cutting, drilling, etc.
  • Once planned, arrange all the required equipment and hardware.
  • Now mark the entry points and the entire plan on the walls. It’s better to lay wiring next to an already placed one, but if not possible, then you can do it any way possible
  • Start laying the wires according to the plan. Mount the wire with wire mounting clips so that the wire stays in place. Drill holes where necessary. Keep extra wire, so that in case of mistake it can easily be removed. Pass the wire through the studs, do not damage the framing. With the help of the stud finder you can easily locate it. Studs are present 16” apart in all the buildings.
  • Now turn the circuit breaker off in the room you are working because now you are going to make connection in the switch box.
  • Open the switch box carefully, with a screw driver. See all the wires carefully because you don’t want to damage an already made connection.
  • Attach the positive of the wire with the positive of the switch and the negative to the negative of the switch do all the work carefully. Once the wires are attached turn on the electricity and check if the current is passing with the help of an electricity tester. If the current is passing then the connection made is working if not, then again turn of the power and connect the wires properly.
  • If you are wiring the Ethernet then at the end of the wire attach RJ-45 plug and insert it directly into the switch. Another way is to use patch panel and jack it is done if you need permanent installation. Then you can test the connections and turn on the internet. You can pick Sullivan Electric for the services as they are expert in the industry.

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