How to Get the Best Hot Dog Roller Machine?

How to Get the Best Hot Dog Roller Machine?

Nowadays the market is full of hot dog machines and every other company is manufacturing such products. It gets hard for a costumer to choose between the variety of machines and he/she gets confused when buying such a product. To understand and know the best hot dog roller machine, one must have knowledge that what actually are the functions of hot dog roller machine and what is the requirement of an individual.

The basic function of a hot dog roller machine is to have a roller machine in it to grill hot dogs. Others are to heat the hot dogs in the machine and adjust the temperature with the help of heating knob. So when you visit the market to buy the best hot dog roller machine, you should see the following functions in it that will do good job.

Hot Dog Steamer

In order to get the best machine, one must see that it should have a steamer in it. The purpose of steamer is to keep the hot dog fresh and at the time of serving. The steamer in any hot dog machine cooks in less than 10 minutes and does not require any attention thus avoiding the havoc of cooking. Choose the machine which has an option of having such steamers that adjusts the temperature once the liquid is fully heated. This means to have an automatic steamer in it.

Hot Dog Roller Grills

Hot dog roller grills provide the hot dogs to be cooked from all sides at 360 degrees. So without the roller grills the machine is useless. But apart from that one must chose the roller machine with greater number of rollers to grill more and more hot dogs at a time. This will save time and quality as well. The grills should be removable and the tray under the grills also. The removable function provides better cleaning of the machine and can be maintained for a longer period of time.

Lid Facility

One should always chose a hot dog machine with a lid and a steamer on it. The lid always provide protection and the hot dogs are cooked hygienically. It can also provide safety when the machine is not in use.  So while choosing be particular about it. Your best choice will be when you get most of the above features in a single hot dog roller machine.

Following are the points that you need to keep in mind as they will help you while buying a hot dog cooker.

Hot Dog Roller Grills        

Hot dog grills provide a great visual presentation and they make the food look appealing and mouthwatering. These grills are made from an exclusive design known as ‘Slim –line’ which makes rooms for an extra grill increasing the capacity of the machine. These come with a warranty of a year.

Mostly the brands provide easily accessible knobs for controlling the heat on every grill. Preferably select the non-stick rollers to reduce the time for cleaning alongside with the energy required for cleaning them.

Roller grills which have a storage area for buns are attractive as well as functional. They allow storing buns beneath the grill which saves the space and provides hygienic storage for buns. The BBC models are a good choice as they have a door made from glass which allows to see the buns and also extends shelf life of these bun and bread products. The non-stick, chrome rollers help to clean up easily and they also reduce the maintenance time.

Hot Dog Roller Grill Width           

The hot dog roller grills are designed and made with widths which differ which are to be fit whenever a roller grill is compulsory. Hot dog roller grills have which range from 17 1/8″ to 36″ but these widths depend on the model that you select.

The hot dog roller grills which provide storage for the buns vary in widths and sizes to meet the needs of the individual of the specific business. They have sizes which range from 23 3/4″ to 35 3/4″ width.

Capacity of the Hot Dog Roller Grill     

The hot dog roller grill is purchased accordingly to the requirement of the volume to meet. These grills have an ability to ensure the making and serving of 20 to 75 hot dogs at a time.

Accordingly, the capacity for storing buns differ with the size of the machine. These hot dog roller grills provide with the capacity to store 30 to 75 buns at a time.

Dog Roller Grill Surface

There are two types of grill surfaces i.e. non-stick and chrome bases. The non-stick base is helpful in cleaning the grill while the chrome one is durable.

Hot Dog Roller Grills Specialty Options

Two option are provided with respect to grills which are flat and corral grills. Flat hot dog roller grill is also perfect for self-service whereas the corral grills moves in an up and down motion preferable for commercial use.


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