How to Have a Safe & Happy Summer with Your Dog?

How to Have a Safe & Happy Summer with Your Dog?

There are many reasons to celebrate the summer i.e. beach weather, good times with family and have a dog. It is true that such a high temperature is uncomfortable and can be fatal to a dog, but do not let this stop you when you have a quiet, safe and happy summer with your canine friend. Take precautions and enjoy.

Supervise Your Dog

As you supervise a child under your care, monitor your dog. Do not let it go of the garden, pool or go outside without you.

No Dog Should Be Left Alone in a Car

Whether it is winter or summer, leaving your dog in the car can expose it to the inclement weather, so you should never do it.

Don’t Leave Your Dog Tied Up Outside!

Dogs that are tied are more prone to aggression. Dogs have the right to socialization and spend time with other pets. Being tethered is no way to have a dog.

Exercise at the Right Time

Although it is hot weather, your dog needs exercise. Make an effort to exercise early or late in the afternoon when the sun is less hot. The swimming is an exercise which both can enjoy in a hot day.

Keep Your Dog Comfortable in the Shade and Hydrated

Turn on the air conditioning or fans at home, especially if the temperature reaches over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure the pet is in the shade when it is outside and let it enjoy cool water all day.

Observe Your Dog for Signs of Heat Stroke

If you notice your dog is drooling excessively or panting, it might have fever and if it collapses, call your veterinarian immediately.

Beware of Toxic Products

Usually, any home product should be available to your dog, including garden products. Keep them in a place where your dog definitely cannot reach.

Check the Vet

Keep the number of your veterinarian on hand in case an emergency is caused. Make sure your dog is vaccinated to be taken care against diseases such as heartworm.

Check Your Dog Daily

Place your dog in your lap and rub hands by the body to make sure it does not have any infection of fleas, ticks or any mites.

Spend Time Together

Summer is a good time to take your dog to restaurants and parks. If you bring your dog to a park, it is best that your dog is sterilized with its shots and it must be supervised all the time. .


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