How to Identify an Original Louis Vuitton?

How to Identify an Original Louis Vuitton?

At present, any of us can be a victim of the deception by purchasing a wallet that we believe as an original Louis Vuitton, since there are many deceptive offers online, or some unscrupulous, who want to take advantage of our ignorance, as a brand bag is not bought every day, as well that if the one that you are going to buy is a Louis Vuitton, I recommend that you read the following points before making the final decision.

  • You must be wary if the price is too low for the reason that Louis Vuitton wallets are always expensive. It is impossible to sell you something cheap by ensuring originality.
  • Get acquainted with the photos from the LV website to analyze the model in detail.
  • Check the stitches, as these are the same and at a regular pace. In the monogram of the handle base, 5 stitches appear in any model.
  • Not all have been manufactured in France, some models have been made in other countries such as Italy.
  • Many models like the Speedy, Keepalls and Papillon, have the LV turned on one of the faces of the bag, and this is because they use a single piece of LV skin and elaborate the bag in an envelope.
  • The letter used by LV is very particular, although in recent years the imitations closely resemble the original.
  • Be wary if you are offered an LV with plastic-covered handles, as this is of terrible taste and you only see it in Asian manufactures to avoid the discoloration and abuse of the product when the wallets are moved.
  • LV does not offer discounts, at most you can buy it with 15% less than it costs in boutiques.
  • LV does not place tags attached or held on a rope outside the wallets. These come inside an envelope or on a label-card in one of the magazines.
  • All models carry a production code that consists of two letters and four numbers, which is under the metal ring or a small tag inside the wallets which is sometimes difficult to find. The production code according to the origin can be LM Spain, SD EU, LP Germany, FA Switzerland, etc.
  • You have a good reason to doubt when you get something extra, for example by buying the LV wallet, take the case, a watch, a bag, etc.

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