How to Make Your Valentine Day Unforgettable?

How to Make Your Valentine Day Unforgettable?

A Full Breakfast in Bed

To start the day of Valentine when you intend to make it memorable, wake up earlier than your love and prepare breakfast as per your partner’s liking i.e. toast, tea, coffee or perhaps a natural and fresh juice. Have it all on a tray so that it reminds the room service of a good hotel. Now before you surprise your partner, look in the mirror. Do you look good? Maybe a fresh breath and a little clean water in the face will help to keep the magic of the moment.

Wake him/her up with gentle caresses or a massage or something that you know your partner will appreciate to start the day. It has to be a tender moment. The time will tell what is most suitable as you have the whole day ahead. Do not try to force anything as biorhythms of people are different and it is important to make the difference from the first hour.

Surprise Message

The surprise effect fills stomach full of butterflies. A call to the mobile phone, email, text message, letter and the more adventurous can opt for extreme messages as a sign on the street, a large bouquet of flowers with a card, a plane that leaves a trail with a text, a small ad in the local newspaper, etc.

The important thing is to break the routine of another with a surprise, watch the tolerance level of your partner when the same, not everyone likes to be the center of attention of a curious crowd.

Your surprise will build a delightful climate in advance to celebrate Valentine later as the most memorable day.

A Romantic Lunch Menu

The perfect scenario for a pause in a memorable Valentine is an intimate restaurant where you can chat, reminisce and share. A lunch for two, maybe a glass of wine or just the pleasure of romantic break with your partner. Needless not even eat something, walk hand, pause riverside could suffice.

If there is no obligation in afternoon, this scenario may be the prelude to a passionate afternoon. If you return to work, it is to put intense and spicy reunion for a few hours at later time.

There is a fun tip; if you cannot stay for the evening in your partner’s company, take a revealing little gift and promise of things to come later like a small packet with an intimate garment, a romantic greeting card, a CD with the most inspiring songs, etc.

Preparing for a Romantic Date

Night is the time of day chosen by most love for romantic dates. The darkness, the gloom, indirect lighting or flames of a fire in the fireplace are the elements that help a lot to the special touch that you need.

A well thought-date with all the elements that seduce your love needs something you cannot forget and you have to live up to the occasion. Take time to relax and predisposing like a long bubble bath, spa hours. It will make you both feel very sensual and more motivated to seduce and enjoy the moments.

Final Thoughts

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion to remember and enjoy love and tell each other ‘I love you’ as it is a much more intense act when all the attention and excitement is centered on it with romantic Valentines gifts for your partner.


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