How to Open and Clear the Heart Chakra?

How to Open and Clear the Heart Chakra?

The heart chakra (Anahata chakra) gives us a perspective of balance and integration. This is where we begin to open up and heal. It is the energy center where superior qualities as love, compassion, joy and healing emerge. It is the first chakra which corresponds to a more subtle and spiritual energy. Its element is air and its colors are green and pink. To open and clean a fourth chakra, alternative therapies are recommend of certain stones, essences and sound.

Sound Therapy

Yoga and philosophy are based on sound as the source of all creation. So much importance is given to the sound, and therefore the mantras have such a great ability to heal and raise our consciousness. Everything in the universe is vibration. For example, there is a form of yoga called Nada yoga, which is a musical tradition that rises and evens our energy system.

The vibration of Anahata chakra, is associated with the vowel ‘a’. It is an expressive and expansive sound, which opens without judgment or resistance to manifestations of the universe. Acceptance makes it possible that love arises and returns to a state of flux and integration. It is the first syllable of the mantra “aum” (OM).

This chakra benefits greatly with the music such as classical music, the ‘new age’, mantras or spiritual music of any tradition that speaks to us. The ideal music is Sathwic qualities i.e. having vibrations that lead to purity, knowledge and light. The music with these features raises our vibration and in doing so, we can achieve higher levels of consciousness where we experience harmony and radiance of cosmic creation. Spiritual music harmonizes and revitalizes.


Pink Quartz

It is a stone of a full pale pink light that stimulates in us the sweetness, softness and love. It is considered par excellence love stone for couples, but spiritual love begins by oneself and extends to the people we love and all beings and manifestations of the universe. Pink quartz makes us vibrate with the arts and promotes our creativity.


This stone has been highly valued by different cultures. Jade is a beautiful light green and bright stone relaxing our heart and allows us to open ourselves to appreciate the beauty of nature and all creations. It is a powerful stone that brings peace and helps us sleep peacefully. It connects us with the wisdom of our hearts and with our essential peace.


Emerald is a unique gemstone that brings cosmic energies to earth. It has the power to rejuvenate, regenerate and relax. It puts us in a state of harmony and inner peace, besides inspiring us with the spiritual powers of nature. The brightness of its light illuminates the spaces in our hearts that we must let go and heal. It is a stone of all-encompassing love because it consolidates all existing dimensions.


To stimulate or balance excessive function of the fourth chakra, rose oil or rose water is recommended. This gentle fragrance has a vibrational effect of harmony and wellbeing that helps us heal our emotional wounds. Roses make us more perceptive to universal energies like love, beauty and joy of creation. It soften our hearts and when Anahata chakra is open, we begin to live in a plane of existence where we survive and live full and blissfully where there is a universal connection.


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