How to Run Android Apps on Your Computer?

How to Run Android Apps on Your Computer?

Some decades ago, mobile phones were considered rare and precious and were available to few people only, now their latest form Smartphone’s have taken over the world. The main reason behind is the applications that can run on them.

Tragically, not exactly a modest bunch of the application developing organizations have taken a step at making their applications for a PC locally. Exchanging between Smartphone and PC is very teasing since you have to stop whatever you have to chip away at your PC and again utilize your Smartphone keeping in mind the end goal to utilize these applications. Viber for PC is the first venture of its kind to facilitate mobile as well as PC users but it is yet to be modified for better results.

Many companies have stepped forward in making applications that run on both laptops and computers as well. Their efforts were not fruitless, as with the new technology and tools available in market, such is achievable. The idea behind that is to allow developers to test their apps before allowing the user to use it on various stores like Google PLAY Store, iTunes, etc.

The possible solution to the problem of running applications across all platforms is an Emulator. Well, for the most part, the general idea is to allow the applications to run on Computers, Laptops and PCs the same way they run on smartphones. But, nowadays, they have additional features and uses too. As technology is advancing, so are the needs of developers who make such application. The latest Emulators allow you to not only run different applications and games on various platforms, but also allow a developer to test the various stages of applications as the final application is made.

Emulators are made for different Operating Systems for Smartphones, including Android, iOS, etc. These emulators are updated with attest versions of OS and are specific in terms of OS. For example, an Android emulator will run and work on Android applications only, it will not support Apple’s or any other applications, such is the case with other Emulators designed for Windows, or Apple, etc. Although, efforts are being made to make emulators that work cross platform, allowing all the OS to run on a single emulator which would revolutionize the application experience across Computers and other devices.

Here are the most ideal options to run Android on your PC.


Whenever you search for Android emulators, the name which pops up first time is Andy. Not only is Andy extremely popular but also one of the best available in market, with superb features and above all smooth running of application, Andy has maintained its place as being one of top Android emulator. The auto-synchronization feature of ANDY is just what you would dream of an emulator to do, it automatically syncs your PC and Smartphone and provides a whole new level of fun. It runs smoothly even if your app is running on both your PC and your Smartphone at the same time. Downloading it is easy, just go the official Andy website, download and run it and install it into your pc to enjoy this amazing emulator.


We cannot name best android emulators in market and forget Driod4x. What really makes Driod4x special and unique is the quality of service it provides to its users. With an amazing user response and performance, Driod4x really stands out among the other android emulators. If you want to play high graphics games and apps on your PC, Driod4x is one for you, because it provides high quality graphics on the wide screen. It is considered ideal for playing games so for game enthusiasts, looking for enjoying their android games on PC can do so with Droid4x. It is easily downloadable from its official website and can be installed on any PC.


The name is so popular these days due to the recent Microsoft’s Build 2016 conference and the official confirmation from Microsoft on buying Xamarin for its users. This is one of biggest news recently in the tech world. Xamarin is an application which recently worked with running iOS and Android applications. Xamarin is ideal for not only running but also building new applications and games in Android. Its user interface is a lot different from other emulators because it was designed primarily for developers to build Android apps and games. It has mostly tools and features for developers. Previously Xamarin could be purchased from its native official website, the recent reports are indicating that now after Microsoft’s acquiring Xamarin, it will be available for free to developers.


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