How to Use Granite Sealers?

How to Use Granite Sealers?

Granite is a natural stone that is of course used to endure any type of weather, so it should be able to handle a little splash of water every day. That’s true, one of the best natural features of granite is its moisture-resistance. But the stone is also porous and there might be some natural cracks that are typical for the stone. So when liquids can penetrate the surface and enter this porous structure of the granite, it can cause ugly stains that are almost impossible to remove. It can also discolor the granite, just think of the stains juices can cause! Also, bacteria can spread this way.

When does a granite surface needs sealing?

Sealing the surface of the granite is essential when you want to keep it as new. Sealing granite helps the natural stone to resist liquid spills and dirt. When a table top or a counter top is placed, it’s best to apply a first seal before the sink and cook top are installed. Those are the most vulnerable areas for moisture, and you won’t be able to reach these place once the kitchen is in use. When you are still busy building in the kitchen, wait with the sealing job until there is no more dust.

When you don’t know when the table or counter top has been sealed, just do a simple check. Soak a paper towel and place it on the granite surface. Wait 5 to 10 minutes. When you lift the paper towel and the area underneath is dark from the water that got into the granite, then you know it’s time to apply a sealing. When drops of water bead up on the surface, you’re fine.

How to use granite sealers?

You can buy a granite sealer at every home improvement store. If you doubt which product is best for you, consult the manufacturers of your granite table top or granite kitchen and always follow the instructions on the package.

For all products, the surface should be completely dry and clean before you start sealing granite. Dry means really dry, so when you’ve cleaned, give the granite some time to dry up.  Some products come in spray bottles. This makes it very easy to apply the sealer uniformly. Using a brush can also work very well. It all depends on the product you decide to use. The sealer should absorb for a while. The waiting time is different for every product. Once you are done, repeat these steps.


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