Igloo Island Breeze Maxcold 50 Quart Review

Igloo Island Breeze Maxcold 50 Quart Review

Since 1947 there is one company that has been producing high quality ice chests. The company we are talking about here is Igloo. The Igloo ice chests that one can purchase today have proven to be extremely popular for more than 60 years because of the quality of the materials used to construct the ice chests. This makes sure that they last for quite a many years to come as long as those who purchase them take care for them in a proper way.

Originally, Igloo was started out with just two employees who were doing the metal working jobs. Then they produced a metal water cooler that they felt would be more efficient than the traditional wooden buckets used on construction and oilfield sites to provide the workers with cool tasting water. They continued working with this thought and marketed it. The idea did click and was welcomed by the consumers and today we can see a lot of models launched by Igloo to suit the various budgets and requirements. Here I will talk about one good model of Igloo namely Igloo Island Breeze Maxcold 50 Quart.

Igloo Island Breeze Maxcold 50 Quart Review

This one is slightly larger on average than the other models being used. It is the one that can hold up to 47 liters which gives you sufficient room to keep 72 cans of beer or soda cool in it along with a couple of 2 liter bottles. When it comes to the actual size of this model, it is slightly larger than the Marine 25 Quart being 25.5” long by 15.25” wide and 17.38” high.

You will find with this particular model that the insulation has been improved by around 25%, so it to keep the ice in it for a longer time should not be a problem at all. Although the majority of this model is made of plastic, there is some stainless steel used to help I order to reinforce its durability but most of the consumers do not actually notice it.

In addition, the plastic used in the construction has been treated to help prevent it from fading or cracking over time. It is another feature that will prove to be very useful with this particular model as it comes with a threaded drain plug which makes it enabled to clean this out after each use and it will not be a difficult task at all. To know about more trusted brands, you can see more reviews here.


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