Improvement of Cash Managment Jobs

Improvement of Cash Managment Jobs

Checkout is a key function for retailers in brick-and-mortar stores. Retailers require systems that can help them provide complete traceability and accounting of cash and its movement to different cash registers and cashiers in a store. They should be able to reconcile any differences and determine the reporting procedures.

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce, cash managment jobs functionality is provided in the POS application. However, in versions of Retail earlier than version 10.0.3, the cash management features are not robust enough to provide full traceability of store cash flows. While retailers can reconcile store cash, they cannot accurately determine accountability in the event of cash discrepancies.

Setting up traces and defining safes

To set up the new checkout management features, follow these steps to set up a functionality profile for stores.

  • Go to Retail and Commerce > Channel Setup > POS Setup > POS Profiles > Feature Profiles and select the feature profile associated with the stores for which you want to make available checkout management enhancements.
  • On the Functionality Profile Features Fast Tab, in the Advanced Cash Management section, set the Enable Cash Tracing option to Yes.
  • To set up vaults, go to Retail and Commerce > Channels > Stores > All Stores and select a store.
  • On the Stores page, in the Action Pane, on the Setup tab, in the Setup group, select Safes. Using this option, you can define and configure multiple vaults for a store.
  • Before you can use this functionality, you must run Distribution Schedule 1070 Channel Configuration to synchronize these configurations with the channel database.

Additional changes to cash management

Retail version 10.0.3 and later also introduces the following features that apply to cash transactions:

  • The user who is prompted to “Declare Initial Amount” must enter a source of funds. The user can search for the available vaults defined in the store and select the vault from which the funds are retrieved so that they can be placed in the cash register.
  • The user who performs the operation “withdrawal of means of payment” must select the transaction for which this operation is performed from the list of open transactions “enter the balance”. If a corresponding cash balance entry does not exist in the system, the user can create an unrelated withdrawal transaction.
  • The “enter balance” operation prompts the user to select from the list of open transactions “withdrawal of means of payment” the transaction for which the operation of entering the balance is performed. If a corresponding withdrawal entry record does not exist in the system, the user can create an unrelated balance entry.
  • The user who performs the “cash deposit in the safe” is prompted to select the safe for the cash deposit.
  • For vaults that are defined in the store, users can manage operations such as declaring the initial amount, entering the balance, withdrawing funds, and depositing cash at the bank.
  • For users with the appropriate user privileges, Shift Management operations display the cash balances for active, suspended, and blind-closed shifts.
  • To reconcile cash transactions within shifts or between shifts, select the shift to reconcile, and then choose Reconcile. The open view shows a list of reconciled and unreconciled transactions on separate tabs. In this view, users can select unreconciled transactions and reconcile them, or select previously reconciled transactions and unreconciled them.
  • During the reconciliation process, if the selected transaction does not match, the user must enter a description of the reason for the imbalanced reconciliation. If required, users can select one transaction and reconcile it with the appropriate reason description.
  • Users can continue to reconcile transactions and unreconciled them until the shift is closed. Once a shift is closed, it is not possible to undo the reconciliation of transactions.
  • When a user chooses to close a shift, Commerce checks that there are no unreconciled cash managment jobs transactions in the shift. Users cannot close a shift if there are unreconciled transactions.

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