Industrial Services Offered By Sullivan

Industrial Services Offered By Sullivan

For the past forty years, The Sullivan Electric Company has been making innovative enhancements in industrial electrical field. We are known for high quality work which not only improves the electrical function capacity of your industry but also finds ways to make novel up gradations. Heavy industries are marked with complicated electrical structures and internal machine wirings. Security measures should stay up to date each and every second. There is not even the slightest chance of ignoring even a single component relating to production unit. Sullivan Electric Company has pre-defined goal to introduce the most upgraded and 21st century fitted electrical solutions which not only take care of security measures but also check for the slightest faults in internal machine wiring.

We don’t even set transmission and data cables for your business but also devise the highest quality cable material which is able to withstand greater electricity loads. We set up industrial lighting which can be easily controlled for emergencies in key areas. Fire alarms with the capacity to measure the slightest faults in the electrical structure are set up to assure your safety and protection. Similarly, troubleshooting services to pin point internal faults and burns in electrical wirings are provided to maintain work flow. Troubleshooting is our most recognized acknowledged capacity and we make the best of this reputation to give more expert and technological solutions to save your electrical structure from break downs.

We are aware of intense loads on industrial machinery and that’s why, we upgrade the machinery to explosion free structure which capacitates huge loads without even a slight effect on work flow. UPS installations are made mandatory for smaller portions in case of greatest emergencies. Generators are installed which along with high voltage, are devised to actively divide the load over entire electrical set up.

Sullivan Electric Company is expert at machine wiring, motor wiring and installation of switchgears. Now panels are set to meet the needs of larger production units. We take excellent control of measures that directly relate to security. For emergency exit, special lighting services along with alarm control. We know how to handle variable frequency drives to utilize the overall mechanism at its full. All these services along with a promise of full protection and safety are guaranteed to businesses and industries which set higher goals and want to capture market with higher quality productions and up to date internal electrical structures.

The Sullivan Electric Company has been capacitated to endure highly technical electrical issues and set ups along with the production units in the industries. Our experts are capable of working along with your tight work schedule to maintain, repair, install and update electrical structures to give optimal work conditions with full capacity. We meet deadlines and devise electrical plans which work as energy forces to take your business to brighter goals of achieving at the best. The electrical services we provide for industrial set ups are not limited to those above mentioned.


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