Internet Marketing Services Katy

Internet Marketing Services Katy

Internet marketing services katy is a set of activities aimed at increasing profits, developing and expanding the market, increasing brand popularity and attracting buyers and customers to business using the World Wide Web and its capabilities. The achievement of the described goals is realized through the use of special tools, namely search engine promotion, media advertising, e-commerce and analytics. We will review the features and capabilities of these tools below.

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Reasons why online marketing is growing in popularity

To answer this question, it is necessary to list the market trends that are already impossible to ignore.

  1. People are more and more immersed in the Internet and spend less time watching TV.
  2. Back in 2018, the RuNet advertising business invested more money than television advertising.
  3. Offline and online channels of interaction with potential and existing customers are gradually being combined into single services.

Basic directions in Internet marketing

1. Search promotion

In Runet search services “Yandex” and Google always remain in the top five most popular sites. This is not surprising, because the Internet began to develop from the search for information. Search engines respond to any request by issuing thousands of links to relevant resources. In the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet, the search market is divided between Yandex and Google in the ratio of 55% and 34%, respectively. Search promotion is aimed at creating conditions for maximum visibility of the site in the search results. More than 85% of the traffic comes from the first page, so the goal of the work is to get into the top 10 for thematic queries. But keep in mind that you can get into the search results in different ways. So, the search results can be divided into the following conditional blocks:

  • Custom request.
  • Organic issuance.
  • Contextual advertising.

Recently, there has been a tendency to increase the number of paid contextual advertising in search results. Therefore, it becomes more and more difficult to occupy high organic positions.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Many companies continue to invest in search engine optimization. This is due to the fact that such work allows you to receive conditionally free targeted traffic. You also need to take into account that sites from the top of natural search results are more trusted by users. Search engines rank highly only high-quality and useful sites. SEO (from the English. Search Engine Optimization) is an extensive set of activities aimed at bringing the site in line with the requirements of search engine algorithms. Search engine optimization gives noticeable results only after 3-6 months of competent work. This fundamentally distinguishes this tool from contextual advertising, which starts generating traffic immediately after the campaign is launched. But high-quality search engine optimization continues to attract users, even if work in this direction is minimized or suspended.

When ranking search engines take into account hundreds of factors, but the basic point is the quality of the content. The content must be unique, literate and fully reveal the topic of the request. Therefore, even at the first stage of promotion, it is important to assemble a high-quality semantic core that will form the site structure and content plan.

Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is a service for displaying paid ads in the results of thematic search results. Such advertising is displayed at the top, side, bottom of the page with search results. This is the most sought-after internet marketing services katy tool, as it allows you to get targeted traffic very quickly. Contextual advertising occupies more than 80% of the entire Internet advertising market.

To understand the reasons for the popularity of paid advertising on the Web, you need to consider its main advantages.


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