Is DXRacer Racing Series the Best Gaming Chair for Big Guys?

Is DXRacer Racing Series the Best Gaming Chair for Big Guys?

Generally, the chairs we sit on while playing games are not most comfortable, especially in case of big and tall guys. And not because they are of poor quality, but because they are simply not made to be used for so long or so frequently. Fortunately, the DXRacer Racing Series has been designed and created with the sole purpose of satisfying the needs of their most demanding clients, the professional gamers. And they do have the best gaming chair for big guys too. Among different models, DXRacer Racing Series is the best choice for big and tall guys.

DXRacer Racing Series

Many of us spend a lot of time in front of a computer, whether working, playing video games or immersed in the incessant world of social networks. The truth is that as a minimum measure, we spend 5 hours per day sitting at the computer. In case of gamers, they have no limit and they might not have idea themselves. If so, the DXRacer Racing Series can provide you with some features that help with it.

  • The structure of DXRacer gaming chairs cannot be compared to that of the traditional ones. The whole chair is made of metal, except for the parts of the arms. The latter are made of thick and hard plastic.
  • Also the wheels are made of plastic but of a very sturdy one, so the chair is completely stable. But being robust does not mean that it is difficult to move, on the contrary, it is very light to move.
  • DXRacer Racing series offers a base inclination system of about 12º, easy to use and lift, and also adjustable armrests that will help you maintain the correct posture between you and your desk, making it the best gaming chair for big guys.
  • On the other hand, if what you want is to lean backwards to play or feel that you are flying, it allows you to place it at an angle of 170º. Something that adds a few extra points to this concern.
  • This product also includes a pair of removable cushions, one for the head and one for the back. Both are located with the help of some small clips, and you can place them exactly where you want them or you need them most.


Polyurethane that covers the DXRacer Racing series is soft and allows the ‘breathing’ of the body, so forget completely to lift yourself from the chair and that your legs are stuck to it because of perspiration.

This material does not let sweat enter the fabric and is easy to clean, instead of absorbing it. It is totally resistant and also waterproof, so you can eat and drink without fear of staining if a small accident happens while you do it.

The seat of DXRacer Racing Series has the characteristic that it feels and visually resembles leather. This gives an elegant look to this gaming chair. Not only is it a product that offers comfort but also aesthetics to your place of work or entertainment.

With this chair you can say goodbye to the pain and fatigue suffered by your wrists, arms, neck and back, by spending several hours in front of the computer. Its ergonomic design is a positive aspect for your health.


As for the colors, it is not mandatory that you acquire it only in black. You can choose between various options of shades in which this gaming chair is available such as green, red, orange and yellow.


  • It has a high quality finish.
  • It is fully adjustable for comfort.
  • It includes a pair of extra cushions for head and neck.
  • It comes in different colors to acquire the one of your preference and combine with your decoration.

Perhaps the best quality of DXRacer Racing Series is that it makes the gamers feel as if they were made especially for them individually, and not as a product created in a massive way, as it is commonly the case with other gaming chairs.


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