Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

People think it is going to hurt to have their skin hit with lasers, and while there is some discomfort, does it compare to what you will feel if you get waxed? Not at all. It is true that the laser is operating at a high power, and that it is essentially frying the hair off your skin. In one shot, or pulse, the laser removes all the hair in a patch of skin and the size of a nickel. Whether this is going to hurt you or not really depends on yourself. If you have a high pain threshold, it is not going to hurt anywhere near as much as when you have a low pain threshold.

No matter what kind of pain threshold you have, laser hair removal pain is going to be significantly less than if you get waxed or remove hair with tweezers. Often, laser hair removal pain is described as having a rubber band snapped against your skin for a very quick second with each pulse of the laser. Many patients do not get any anesthetic cream, but it is available to those who have sensitive skin. However, there is some very important points to remember with anesthetic cream. It numbs the region it goes on, therefore, it should only go on your lip, bikini and underarms. If you put it on your back, chest or legs, it can have severe effects.

Some people describe laser hair removal pain as like getting a tattoo but not quite as painful. Again, the amount of laser hair removal pain you feel depends greatly on how much pain you can handle. Some people cringe at the sight of a needle, while others can handle being smacked across the chest without much pain. Those types of people who can handle a lot of pain are not going to have any problem with the discomfort felt by the laser hair removal. It should also be noted that the pain is not like what you would feel from waxing or tattooing, it is different and more of a discomfort than a pain. Therefore, it would be better classified as mild discomfort with a bit of pain.

It will also depend on what you are getting treated when you talk about pain. Treating the back may be a bit more painful than the legs. Treating the abdomen will generate less pain than the back, but maybe more than legs. Getting laser hair removal on the face will be more painful than the back, chest, arms, abdomen and legs, but not as painful as the underarms. Depending on where you are getting treated and for how long, the pain is going to vary. Overall, most people can handle the discomfort without much problem and you should be able to as well. If we talk about the financial aspect of pain, the laser hair removal cost is not too high either making it less painful for your pocket.


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