IT Lyxor Asset Management

IT Lyxor Asset Management

IBM Control Desk contains the elements required to effectively manage the lifecycle of an IT asset and software lyxor asset managment program. With this product you can:

  1. Ensure a consistent process for purchasing and receiving IT assets
  2. Track all IT assets, placements and changes
  3. Better control the cost of software licenses, reducing the possibility of repurchases or penalties for unlicensed software
  4. Record and manage all agreements for software licenses, rentals, warranties, and maintenance
  5. Create and extend technology standards by defining standard asset requirements templates
  6. Set up reverse entries using managed data
  7. Reconcile actually installed assets with authorized assets (purchased and contracted)

The Control Desk user interface performs its functions through a set of applications grouped into modules and accessible through the Go menu. All application programs share a common approach to displaying interface information and to entering and selecting interface elements.

Control Desk user interface accessibility

Control Desk implements conditional user interface features in some applications.

Purchasing Assets

The applications in the Purchasing module are used to create and track purchase requisitions and purchase orders, receive ordered equipment and materials, and manage inventory items in the Master Item application.

IT Asset Management

In the Assets application, you can monitor physical assets, define relationships between assets, and manage assets by their lifetimes. Some of the assets you manage are classified as IT assets. Control Desk contains advanced capabilities for IT lyxor asset managment.

Managing the Software Catalog and Licenses

Management tasks related to working with the Control Desk Software Catalog, software information, and managing your software’s permissions by creating and using license entries are described in the following sections:.

Software Contract Management The

Software Contracts application is used to maintain information about the terms and conditions for purchasing software. The contract can specify the items or services to be provided, cost, delivery information and handling instructions, expected delivery times, financial terms, and supplier information.


Embedded Assets the Embedded Assets module in Control Desk includes the Computers, Network Printers, Network Devices, and Embedded Programs applications. These applications are used to

Manage the data collected by discovery tools about the hardware and software actually deployed in your enterprise.


Embedded Programs with the Embedded Programs application, you can view embedded program entries imported from the Software Detection tool.

Reconciling Authorized Assets with Embedded Assets

The programs in the Reconcile module are used to reconcile authorized asset data with embedded asset data found by discovery tools.


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