Learn a Few General Electricity Safety Rules

Learn a Few General Electricity Safety Rules

The first question that arises is that why is it important for us to be safe when it comes to anything related to electricity. One should be very careful when working with electrical equipment. It is because the voltage of the electricity is so much that it can cause fatal accidents and also loss to the lives of the people involved. So, it is better to follow some of the rules that can always let you be safe. Here we will tell you some of the important things that you need to keep in mind and follow to be safe whether you upgrade your switchboard, fix lighting issues or wires.

Do not risk your life by touching any of the electrical appliances even if you think it is not carrying current. You cannot just be sure about it at your own ease. You will have to make sure that you do not touch the wire.

In case, you are trying to repair something, just make sure that you have removed all the plugs that are a part of that, otherwise there are chances that there might be serious accidents taking place in case you left even a single wire within the socket.

If you are using any machine, any tools or any equipment, take care that the handle through which you hold them is a non-conductor of the electricity so that even if the tools and the equipment’s that you are using have the current running inside it, the handle will not conduct the electricity and you will be safe.

When we are working with electrical equipment, we often tend to forget a lot of things and in a hurry use a metallic pencil or a metallic ruler for that matter. We should remember that metal is a good conductor of electricity and the ruler or the pencil that you use can cause serious damages to you.

Whenever you are working with sockets that are plugged in, make sure that you use dry hands and also you are wearing gloves so that it does not conduct electricity. As wet hands will conduct electricity and you tend to get shocks.

While you are working, try your best to not to work with both the hands. Professional electrician know this is not possible, but if you can try, you can be safe if you keep your other hand in the pocket, so that the current does not pass your chest.


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