Learn How Cleaning & Conditioning Leather Furniture Can Be Rewarding!

Learn How Cleaning & Conditioning Leather Furniture Can Be Rewarding!

Cleaning leather furniture can be difficult if you don’t know how to do it. But if you keep proper care of your leather furniture, cleaning can be minimal and your furniture will last a lot longer. For minor cleaning like small spots you can take care of this at home, but anything large you may want to seek out a professional. Professionals can ensure that the chemicals they use are gentle on your furniture and it will be cleaned properly. If you want to clean your leather furniture at home you only need a few items:

  • Distilled water
  • Several soft rags
  • Mild body soap
  • Vacuum cleaner and a soft brush
  • Leather conditioner
  • Vinegar

When cleaning leather furniture always begin by removing any dust particles using the vacuum cleaner. Attach the soft brush to the vacuum hose and gently vacuum up all dust, crumbs and any debris on the leather in a sweeping motion. Be gentle while vacuuming so that you don’t make small scratches in the leather.

Check Before You Start Cleaning

Before cleaning spots on your leather test out your soap on a small area that isn’t visible. Use a very small amount of soap and gently rub the soap. If you have a gentle soap there will be no reaction, but if you notice any drying, cracking or discoloration do not continue to use the soap.

Steps For Cleaning Leather Furniture

Once you are sure the soap you have selected is safe use it to clean your leather by gently rubbing it on the leather with the soft rag.

Then using a clean soft rag dip it into some vinegar just enough to dampen the rag. Then apply the vinegar all over the sofa- do not rub it into the leather but rather glide it over the surface of the leather. The vinegar mixed with the soap that is already on the leather will clean the entire surface of the leather and even get rid of any spots.

Using a new clean rag, dip it into the distilled water. Distilled water is important because it won’t leave water marks like tap water will. Gently wipe the surface to rinse away the soap and suds. Then dry it using another clean soft rag. There is no need to over-dry, just wipe the water away as much as you can and let it air dry. Don’t use a blow dryer because this can dry out the leather making it susceptible to cracking.

Maintaining Your Newly Cleaned Furniture with a Leather Conditioner

After cleaning, always apply leather furniture conditioner which protects it from every day wear and tear and keeps your furniture looking beautiful and allows it to last longer. You can get the leather conditioner from your furniture dealer or you can order it at TheReviewGurus.

You should clean it at least every three months to keep it looking beautiful and to protect it. If you want to keep it looking like it did at the store, you may need to clean it every month. The more you use, the oils on your body can get onto it and dirt and dust can get into it easily, so you want to clean it regularly. Most dealers clean them every month, so you can do the same, but avoid polish and any abrasive cleansers.


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