Learn the Meanings of Carrying Bags in Different Positions

Learn the Meanings of Carrying Bags in Different Positions

Tell me how you carry the bag and I will tell you how you feel, or at least so say the experts in body language. Apparently there are different ways to carry a bag and they reveal more than what you think about your mood and personality. So start to look out for more on how to take this so indispensable accessory in the life of any woman and discover what it tells you about yourself to the others. Apart from the particularities of each piece, the different forms of carrying bag help you build your style.


Carrying the bag on the elbow has always been linked to the personalities of position or status. If you carry the bag on the elbow, probably you want to show the level and charisma, you feel very attractive and fashionable. Also, keeping both hands free reflects an attitude of confidence and trust. In short, you feel ‘divine’.

Over the shoulder with the bag very close to the body

If you carry the bag over your shoulder holding it with one hand and pulling it to the body, you definitely feel practical and functional. You give priority to comfort and denotes a strong sense of responsibility and good work. You feel with clear ideas and projecting strength or character. However, it could also mean fear or precaution against the threat of steal.

Over one shoulder, free and bobbing

Women who wear the bag on one shoulder to the waist or below it are women who give much importance to the feeling of freedom. So if you take it, it is very likely to feel young, fresh and cheerful. You appear casual, but stylish.

In the hand

To carry the bag in hand is usually linked to workers and intelligent personalities, so if you take gripped the handles, you almost certainly feel interesting and agile.

Crossed in front of the body

Usually carrying the cross bag on the front of the body indicates shyness or insecurity. Usually it is somewhat uncomfortable to keep the bag depending on the height at which you carry it; you may hinder the steps when walking and it is a gesture that generally reflects brand protection and distances. In some cases, it is carried forward to show the full look, reflecting femininity and a flirtatious personality.

Crossed behind the body

Instead, keeping the bag behind the body shows the safety sign and character. It is often associated with wild, warlike and independent personalities.

Do Your Research

The Birkin has such a variety of alternatives, so do your examination early on genuine bags in the shading and cowhide you need, as they will have a particular mix of faster and sap shading. For instance, it’s recognized as gold, however, doesn’t have contrast sewing, it might be even now real, and the dealer has misidentified the cowhide shading. That ought to in any case be a warning in addition to the fact that it is more probable the bag is fake than if everything coordinated up as it should, yet it implies the seller may not be as thorough as you’d in a perfect world lean toward for a five figure exchange.

Calfskin Lining on the Interior of a Birkin Bag

Not at all like numerous different satchels available that have modest fabric liners, within the inside of Hermes Birkin bags there is a cowhide lining. Hermes utilizes delicate goatskin on the inside, and the shading matches the outside. The goatskin covering is a great deal sturdier and withstands typical wear and tear while keeping up its appearance. The smooth surface is additionally simpler to spot clean than material also, making it less demanding for clients to maintain their bags looking pleasant.

Choose Minimal Accessories

There are various handbags that are being now demonstrated which have elaborate details and many-sided subtle elements. Despite the fact that these pieces might be eye-catching and astounding, they are not by any means made for genuine living. With regards to equipment toning, it down would be ideal. You could never need to be out and have a stud tumble off or a chain segregate. Simply as far as upkeep is a concern you might want to leave the equipment and detailing of the packs on the runway and just use your simple Birkin bag Hermes that will add that extra factor in your personality.

Stamp Of The Bag

“Shooting star” Birkin has a metallic picture resembling a meteorite, stamped adjoining to the “Hermès, Paris Made in France” stamp, that is in silver or gold to coordinate the hardware and embellishing. Rarely, the stamp is outwardly disabled or exhausting, if the pack is made of a couple of calfskins, then no metallic stamping is utilized.

Exotic Birkin’s Totes

Rare Hermes Birkin is made from porous crocodile skin. With the impartial green color, you will have the capacity to mix and match these Hermes tote with clothes and jewelry in your closet.


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