Learn the Right Steps of Smoking Unique Pipes

Learn the Right Steps of Smoking Unique Pipes

A water pipe is an accessory which is generally used to smoke tobacco or other herbal substances, and it may be made of different materials such as clay, PVC plastic, metal, borosilicate bamboo, which is one of the cleanest, smooth and healthy ways for smoking tobacco or any other smoking product.

The Steps for Using a Simple or Basic Water Pipe

Put your water pipe in cold water which cools the smoke, so that you can inhale a greater amount; some users prefer to fill it with ice, then add just the right amount of water to make a sound like bubbles when inhaled. Some users prefer very hot water and the steam helps to moisten the lungs, dry smoke effect, not hot smoke, and it is the main reason why people cough when they are using a water pipe

Check water levels and make sure the water does not reach very high and it should be low enough, so that it does not slip through the carburetor, or air intake, when you bend over to give it inhale, and it must be sufficiently deep to completely clean the smoke at least 7cm above the tube. The more water touches the surface of the smoke, the smoother it will be.

It is time to fill in the tank. Make sure it is not overfilled or you can drop the bowl, usually you must prepare your material having an average-strong consistency. You want to accommodate as much material as you can in the tank while still being able to draw air into each inhalation.

Put your mouth on the mouthpiece of the water pipe, sealing the entrance with your lips and make sure the nozzle is completely covered, otherwise, you will not be able to inhale the smoke.

Grab the water pipe, covering the carburetor or clutch with one hand. The carburetor is the small hole located somewhere in your water pipe, usually on one side.

Take a seat and accommodate it on your chest or stomach and hold the lighter in the account as you inhale simultaneously. The chamber should be filled with thick smoke. Inhale until you feel the chamber has filled up with enough smoke and the release the carburetor. Inhale the smoke. Breathe all the smoke into your lungs and hold your breath. Try to keep the smoke in for at least 6 seconds, 80% smoke is absorbed on contact and the rest is absorbed within 5 seconds. If this is your first time, be sure to suppress the urge to cough. It is normal for a new user of a water pipe to cough very loudly, so be prepared for this. Normally 5 seconds is sufficient for most smoking blends. Slowly exhale until you no longer see smoke coming out of your lungs. I hope you will love the experience of smoking unique pipes with these right steps.

There are many very good forums and very nice people that can help you discover this wonderful hobby of smoking unique glass pipes for sale online, but many people give up as they may not get the answers right to the even the simplest questions. Remember it is an art for the lovers of unique glass pipes.

When you start, mainly, you must have patience, and take things slowly. Most of the time the experience of using unique glass pipes for sale online is not very pleasant until one learns to pack, to ignite, to press with rammer and cadence when smoking. It takes some time to find out what your favorite tobacco blend is and the unique glass pipes that will hold best to your liking. The beginning smokers often struggle with tongue burns. If at first you do not like it, keep experimenting and talk about your new hobby with experienced unique glass pipe smokers.

Keep the glass pipe cleaner close at hand. At the first moisture signal coming out of the pipe’s nozzle, insert the pipe cleaner into the nozzle and allow it to absorb condensation to make sure that the glass pipe does not crack.

If the unique glass pipe for sale online warms up, let it cool down. If you smoke while it is very hot, it will not taste, and you will damage the pipe or your tongue. A good rule of thumb is to keep the bowl of the pipe against your cheek.

It allows the pipes made of heather to rest between uses. Common knowledge dictates that it could be at least for one day. You could add padlocks to your rotation while you make your collection of heather pipes. A good investment is a sea foam pipe for its smoking qualities and for the fact that it does not have to rest between uses.

Avoid buying cheap unique glass pipes for sale online. An olote pipe will work better than a cheap heather pipe and costs much less if finances are a problem for you.

Never buy a metal pipe, brass or silver, though, they look unique and striking, remember that metal is the conductor of heat, so these are only adornments and you can burn with one of these pipes.

Allow a layer of coal deposits to form in the bowl of the pipe as it protects it from cracking. After a while, it is necessary to scrape a little of that layer, but it is better that you ask for advice in your tobacco shop to learn how to do this.

When you are finished with the unique glass pipes for sale online, allow it to cool and then strain it using pipe polish, a cleaner and lint-free cloth. This helps preserve shine and appearance and protects the bowl from heat, dirt and corrosion.


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