Learn to Attach Hinges with Wood Router Easily and Quickly

Learn to Attach Hinges with Wood Router Easily and Quickly

There are several ways to place the hinges. Among those forms or methods I will explain two of them. One way is manual, using the chisel to make the recess on the wooden wing it. The other is doing the same reduction with the help of a wood router.

Both of them are valid. The first one will take much little while the latter will take little time. Logically using a machine such as the wood router, it will take only a few minutes to make the cut neatly and accurately.

We just make a small device which will act as mold for the cutter to jump around within it. We plate approximately 15 cm X 25 cm mark of the longest side of the hinge wing placing or leaving the cylinder axis outside. Just mark the wing on the plate.

We measure the distance between the edge of the cutter and the outer edge of the copying milling machine neck and move to the plate to add it to the wing mark of the hinge, so it will be two parallel marks.

Then we take Jig portable machine and cut along the second line, the last time we measured supporting the neck.

Once finished cutting with coarse sandpaper, nail a strip at a distance from the edge of the plate and it will be equal to the thickness of the tie where we recess. So if the tie is 4 cm, the bar will nailed and glued to 4 cm from the edge. That will be our device supporting on the edge of the strut to the cut for wing of the hinge.

To establish the exact depth we use jigsaw, located next to the copier, and then the wing of the hinge, the device neck and make out the tip of the drill until it reaches the face of it. That will be the final measure of depth and then adjust the handle so that it is fixed and the depth gauge rod to do just as much depth. Then we place the device in adjusting strap with two presses.

We will be moving the wood router from one side to the other by touching the neck against the edge copier. We will recess clean and precise. There hinges having curves at their apexes, which is no problem to place directly on the recess wing. In the case that the wings have stub, cut with chisel tip to form at the corners of the rebate.

We support the wing, and fits perfectly and put all the screws on both sides after the placement. This method applies to all kinds of hinges, of any wing measure for thickness, width and length. Just make the device according to the dimensions of each.

You can also make one just for all with an adjustable system.

Getting hands on the best machine for cutting wood is important and extremely essential. It is a simple and handy tool which is an electric machine which consists of a motor along with a cutter which rotates at a high speed. Buying the best router is essential for the woodworker and his tool kit. When the machine is the plunge in a wooden block a groove is made.

These pieces of equipment are multipurpose and versatile as many jobs can be performed with them such as cutting holes and rebating, cutting the inlays, trimming the woodworks, and various other tasks. There are three sorts of wood routers i.e. plunge base, fixed base and hybrids (these are a combination of both plunge base and fixed base routers. By the variety that is available in the market as well as online it is difficult and tough for the woodworkers to choose an appropriate and up to the marking machine. This machine can be sub-divided in three major categories. Following are the types:

Fixed Base

The machines with a fixed base are guided by hand same as a drill machine. Most of the woodwork workshops have machines with a fixed base as they are easy and less time consuming to learn. These fixed based machines are easily and widely available at a cost effective price and top of all these are not very heavy to carry. These are all purpose machines which provide a perfect shape for the edges because of their easy handling.

Plunge based

These machines are a good option as they cut the required depth and then these plunge into the material. These are not as controllable and manageable as the fixed based ones. These give a clean precise vertical cut. Perfect vertical grooves and holes are made with the help of a plunged based machine. Lesser chances of errors are evident while using these machines as compared to the fixed base machine.

Hybrid Routers

A little variety of the hybrid routers is available in the market. These allow switching between both types of routers as per the requirement. The best machine is the on which fulfills your requirements and nothing can go out of the way with these sorts of machines.


Before purchasing a machine, search the market. Be well aware of your requirements. Make sure the machine that is to be purchased does not imbalances your budget and it is cost effective. Know your requirements. Know the purpose for which you are buying the machine i.e. if you are buying it for trimming the counter or for making the moldings. Make sure that the machine that is being purchased comes in use rather than just being in the storage. Be well aware of the pros and cons of wood router, the features and the specifications of the machine.


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