Learn What Bags To Be Combined With What Pants!

Learn What Bags To Be Combined With What Pants!

In the same way that there are clothes that feel better or worse depending on your structure, there are also different types of bags that combine better with a model of trousers or another. Here I will tell you which bags can be combined with pants by type of pants. Believe it or not, the variety of both bags and pants is huge, and it turns out to be really a tough task to find the perfect combination.

Skinny Pants Need a Bowling Bag

The skinny jeans has become so fashionable in the recent seasons and it is characterized by the tight trousers, particularly in twins and ankle. To maintain the balance between clothes, it is best to combine it with a bowling bag with two handles. Being a big bag, you can create contrast and enhance the figure.

This type of bag is inspired in a classic sports bags used to bowling. Its format is rounded with two handles and sometimes an extra handle to carry the shoulder, making it ideal bag for skinny pants. Undoubtedly, it will create a casual look that will not fail to be fashionable.

Oxford Pants with Shoulder or Crossbody

The fashion of Oxford pants has been repeated and it has always been with an overwhelming success. For this type of pants, we recommend a crossbody bag for hippie, fun and casual touch.

Palazzo Pants Combine with an Elegant Handbag

These pants have been so popular for weddings, baptisms and communions and need a handbag. This type of pants with flight are characterized by long and very wide legs, so that it is often difficult to distinguish from a skirt. This is a very elegant and special garment. If you want to hit when combining a bag with these pants, you should strongly bet on one hand. Handbag or pouch do not detract elegance and more reaffirm the accessory. Do not hesitate when choosing which bags combine with Palazzo Pants.

Capris and Backpack

If you have an adventurous soul and your choice is capris, do not think, as what you need is a backpack with style. This type of pants, depending on how you combine, can adapt very well to different types of situations. You can go casual combined with a sport. It may also be an appropriate look for the office or work if you wear high-heeled shoes and backpack of executive style.

1930s and 1940s

In 1930s came one of the most admired pieces of bags, the Minaudiere, which is a little over rigid. This purse was more than an accessory, almost a gem and a favorite of high society women and glamorous movie stars.

Just as on the one hand the finest materials were used in the Minaudiere, on the other hand, it began with the use of new materials like plastic. And not only the materials were novel, but then a wave of daring, able to present what was previously thought by designers would never have emerged.

With the advent of World War II, the funny style that had slipped from the 20s and through the 30 gave way to a world where frivolity had no place. The bold shapes were set aside and emerged the copied designs of the items used by soldiers for their simplicity and practicality. Leather and metal were forgotten and simple genres, raffia and woven straw became the material of the moment. In places where the conflict did not affect so hard, they could still see some bigger and more structured crocodile leather, leather or suede models.


After the war, the height of fashion again hit Europe. Rising from the ashes, Paris gave unquestioned birth to the creators like Dior and Balenciaga. Opulence had become big. With their eyes on winning the hearts of women in the world, the big fashion houses saw the bag as a gateway to luxury. Not all women could put on a Dior suit couture, but a bag of the brand would fit in any arm. With this in mind, they reached the market with iconic bags such as La Chanel 2.55 (filed February 55), one of the most popular shoulder bags to carry to this day.


1960 is the decade of revolt, of change, and of revolution. As in many other areas, the dress code changed completely. Serious fashion of 50 led into 60 about fun. The youth took by assault the world and designers focused on them, young people, to give rise to new creations and the bag concepts changed. No longer was it to have a single bag, but we saw it as something practical, something that would change depending on the mood or the occasion.

Designer Mary Quant, fashion icon in the 60s, became interested in the bold prints and materials few times seen to try to make fashion accessible to all. The bag star at this time was a more compact shoulder strap bag, allowing to keep your hands free. It became one of the icons of the era. On the other hand, the growing hippie community ruled PVC and concentrated in large bags and anarchic with genres made and natural materials like suede and wool, with great influence of India in their designs and colors.


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