Leggett and Platt’s Premier Series Review

Leggett and Platt’s Premier Series Review

Leggett and Platt’s Premier Series is one of the most appreciated model which is acclaimed to have the wireless remote control and massage features. It is more sophisticated and advanced and just like the S-Cape, it allows the users to alter the angles of the head and feet area up to 60 degrees. The unique thing in the model is that it can be used for giving therapeutic massage. It has casters attached to the twin wheels to allow easy mobility. Leggett and Platt’s Premier Series is often added with threaded glides that can make it convenient to manually alter the bed’s height. At the time of purchasing of this product, you can also ask for the adjustable bed accessories like pillows, pillow protector, mattress protector and sheets to enhance your comfort level.

The base of Leggett and Platt’s Premier Series is alienated into thirds. The top and bottom thirds are designed to raise and lower the body upwards and downwards independently and special machinery is used to execute this deed. To raise or lower the bed, simply press on the head or foot button on the remote control and release it when you have touched your anticipated spot. If you want your body in a flat position, reverse this process, holding the button until your head or foot is leveled to flat position. Some models have ‘flat’ button which helps the body to accomplish flat position with one tap of the button, making it all easy.

There are 4 to 5 joints in both slatted and fully flexible bases. Twin drive motors are used to operate these joints and operate the back and leg joint while there is the semi-automatic movement of the foot and neck joint. There are also three actuators sometimes also for the neck or even there are four actuators one for each joint. Sliding back mechanism is another structural difference that helps to reduce the gap with the back wall when the bed is uplifted. Leggett and Platt’s Premier Series also keeps the bedside table in reach. The sliding back mechanism was used in elite luxury products in 90s, but now they are becoming more common with famous models and even those using slatted bases. 


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