Let Me Help you believe in Steemit?

Let Me Help you believe in Steemit?

Today I get my first stream of income in my PayPal account and the best part is it’s from Steemit. Until now I was also unaware or at least unsure about this platform, however these few dollars in my account and then in my hand made it easier to believe in it. Although I did not withdrew all of my dollars, but I am sure it will allow me to do so. I am planning to invest it in STEEM, so that I am actually not going to redeem the total amount. However I need that prize which most if not all in this community are waiting for.

Prize which makes a user feel everything you are doing on this platform is tangible and real. You can purchase many things with these rewareds. You can also exchange it for bitcoins. One can also get euros and dollar with it. This is a kind of feeling that anyone can have when he or she failed on most of such types of earning platforms on World Wide Web. Sadly, just right now, the steem value is falling down.

And unfortunately, just right now, Steem value is continuously falling. I mean really it is falling down, and now it is lower than 0.85 dolalrs. So when you redeem it, you did not receive much of course.

My friend received only 640 dollars which with an applied tax such as with Paypal or any other types of, tuned into only 556 dollars.

There are many websites that allow you to have it exchanged.

First is Blocktrades, where you can exchange Bitcoins with Steem Dollars without any registration accounts. You will only be asked to send selected amount and you will get BTC in your wallet.  Other is my wallet, I select blockchain.info for this. Last one is exchangemycoins, which allow you to exchange USD with BTC straight to your paypal. Not sure about the tax structures in it, however they aren’t too high.


In do not know what is next at Steemit for me! I am adding Steemit to my start from my 18 years old birthday business plan, and I hope it is going to work, however as far as now I believe I will just continue to have some fun in this community with many awesome individuals. If you like to chat or discuss something with me, you freely can do it.


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