Lighting Tips for the Shower and Bathtub

Lighting Tips for the Shower and Bathtub

The lighting for shower and bathtub is usually overlooked, until you put on a showerhead and realize how dark it is. Light is needed in the shower and bathtub to realize what you are doing. There are many ways to add light to your bathtub and shower area. Keep on reading to learn what would work best for you.

If you are lucky enough to have an electrical installation above your shower and bathtub, take advantage of it. If the bulb you already own does not light enough, replace it with a higher voltage bulb. Most lamp holders have a label that says the maximum voltage that resists installation.

If the bulb is of the lowest voltage at the maximum supported, it says it in very small letters, near the part where the bulb is screwed, then buy one of greater voltage. If so and the bulb does not light enough for you, you should change it for a new one. Sometimes the bulb subtracts light from an electrical issue, and needs to be changed, or replaced with one that supports several ones. Remember when buying the parts, make it a waterproof bulb holder. A plastic container or a fluorescent light with protection are good options. You can change the parts yourself very carefully, you can ask a friend, or better yet, you can hire someone to do it. For Bathtub Resurfacing Buffalo NY, visit

If you do not have the electrical installation done in the bathroom, you can make one yourself without being an electrical master. This type of bulb is known as swap bulb. They are those that look like a hanging light, but hang from a thread caught in a chain. All you need to install is two ceiling screws and an electrical installation. It is best to put a ceiling bracket to screw in, but if this is not possible by the type of roof, buy the screws that work on the dry wall.

Put a screw near the shower or bathtub. You should put it away from the shower or bathtub because of safety issue. If you have a shower door, put it out of the way, and make sure it does not touch when you open the door. Then put one of the screws one or two feet away, remove the bulb from the first screw and hang it from the second. Plug in the lamp and secure it and it is ready. Anyone can install a bathroom bulb. The only bad thing about this type of lighting is that they are hard to get in stores.

Another great way to add light to the shower and bathtub is by installing chandeliers which are small wall lamps. Some require electrical installation, others are sufficient with plugging. If you choose to use the former, you better find someone who understands electricity.


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